Adwords at Bottom of SERPS


Apparently there are a few new UI tweaks going on with Adwords: Showing them at the bottom of SERPS. This makes a lot of sense to me, many people dont go past page one, so from GOOG's POV, best to make a last ditch attempt to monetize them at that point eh?


Would love to see Google

Would love to see Google implement this before Christmas. I've had great experience w/ the third and fourth links on the bottom of Yahoo SERPs and can only imagine the same would hold true on Google.

if people don't see what

if people don't see what they want on the first page, they're going to be more likely to click ads than they were before reading the SERPS - good move. It could also mean more content above the fold (though Im not sure how relevant that design principle is to a google SERP page)

Damnit, I noticed this weeks ago

Why does no one read my blog?


Who is the one searching for Gwen Stefani tickets?

I've found many searches

I've found many searches with ads at the bottom of the page.

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