A perfect gift for your in-house wanker


For 34,500 yen you can get that lazy wanker, that you have always really liked, a little a Christmas present this year knowing full well that he will find a use for it.

For frustrated fellas reticent to subject their genitalia to a rather severe looking synthetic squeeze, the appliance comes with other, slightly less alarming attachments. Removal of the ‘hand’ allowing for straightforward insertion, with the machine kindly taking care of all necessary movements.

If anyone needs my mailing address, please send a pm.

Thanks to digg.



With that small snippet, I'm afraid to click through!

Not for me.

I prefer to choke my own chicken (myself).

*/me looks at Cabbage with

*/me looks at Cabbage with an 'I can't believe you just said that' look on her face.*

Euro, *where* do you *find* these things?

a real bargain for 300$ ...

Q - while not fulfilling its original destination can this extra *hand* build links or fraud clicks? :-)

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