Google: Yet Another RSS-Button, More


Add to GoogleJust like the "My Y!" button you see top right here on this very page, Google has now launched their own Add to google button. It looks like this:

The reason I'm even writing about this rather trivial (albeit probably popular) matter, is because the image is launched from the "" domain, and the about page mentions the "" domain.

Two new G properties in one post, I believe?


googlesyndication is where

googlesyndication is where adwords/sense is served from i beleive, and fusion would be their "portal" -- it's a new domain on me, but the product is not new.

It's all very well putting

It's all very well putting this stupid button out, but Google Reader is Still in Alpha!

It does not work for me. Period.

I agree, Nick

It seems like Google has gotten "feature-itis" and that there are just too many 20% projects being launched way too soon.

Somebody, somewhere, recently said that they were around 5,000 people now. That's a lot of 20% hours.

Obviously all this is done to scare off potential competition. However, if they keep churning out defunct products at this pace, well...

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