Yet more Google predictions.


Seems to be all I ever post. Following on from the Cringely piece that Claus commented on, this story from ('Lets talk about Google. Skynet Anyone?') talks again about Google as ISP, and finishes with this soundbite:

This next decade is not going to be about Open Source versus Microsoft or Microsoft versus Apple. It is
going to be about just how fast Google can move as a company. Google is the size of a tank that can move
like a small European car. Most companies that size are the size of a tank and can move like a tank. For
a mere $300 million Google will be able to effectively purchase the infrastructure of the U.S. internet and
create the next network that the U.S. will run on. After that I am sure they will move on to Europe and
other counties. Everyone take the time to bow down to your new overlords and sign into the Google Skynet.