Have Google Nuked BlueFind?

wmw thread on the possible nuking/penalizing of bluefind - what say you?


Empty Pages

It may be up to 42,000 pages again but most are the submission pages or empty pages with navigation and no listings

Bluefind ongoing..

There is a good ongoing thread at WMW on Bluefinds position with Google..

Pageoneresults debates the value of Bluefind with Mosley700 and Martinibuster tries to summarise and keep the peace.

John has been having words with Google about indexing

It was down to 8,000 pages, but after talking to the fine folks at Google several days ago it's now up to 42,000 for "site:bluefind.com bluefind"

More over at SEW

I, Brian is talking about google trimming dynamic fat over at SEW

This all looks either "one of those things" or "damn scary" to me and i cant decide which....

Is Sevenseek the reason?

I've always seen Sevenseek as just a Bluefind clone: same categories, same URLs, same network. Might have been enough to trigger a penalty, seeing as neither site have much else in the way of content.

The wmw thread appears to have been nuked now...

Sold it ...hmmm

we all have enemies, it would take balls now that there are a scripts out there that show you the hi-jacker... well i think they are out there i wrote one for a client ..

maybe he hi-jacked it himself after he sold it (JOKE)


I wouldnt put it past someone to try hijacking it for sure, John Scott has his enemies (but didnt he sell it recently?)


home page ban or hi-jack

home page ban or hi-jack

no cache :

could been a bad index shard but i dout that