ICANN weighs single-letter Web addresses


ICANN may free up single letter domains

It looks like ICANN is thinking of releasing the single letter domains. I can't imagine they would suddenly make them available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Maybe some kind of auction?

Matt Bentley, chief executive of domain name broker Sedo.com LLC, said single-letter ".com" names could fetch six-figure sums, and a few might even command more than $1 million from some of the Internet's biggest companies. Yahoo Inc. applied for a trademark to "y.com" this year.

Funny that Yahoo applied for a TM months before ICANN made their announcement.


I think a while ago Yahoo!

I think a while ago Yahoo! said they wanted to get Y.com


Can anyone explain how paypal owns x.com?

{Edit: Found the answer }

Worth of G

how much do you think 'G' is worth then...?

More to the point who would get it... Gates or Google?

>>Yahoo! said they wanted to get Y.com

OK, but does the TM change how ICANN is able to sell the domain?

Will Yahoo be able to pick up Y.com for reg fees?

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