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In response to Google Base, recently chuck full of porn, MicroSoft has announced that they too want a piece of the free database of everything market:

Microsoft Corp. said it is readying an online marketplace, code-named Fremont, which is apparently in response to a similar feature that rival Google Inc. introduced a few weeks ago.

Fremont is a free service in which people contribute listings, whether it's about a couch for sale or someone looking for a commuting partner.

MicroSoft want to make it interoperable with search, MicroSoft Live, and everything under the sun - presumably for maximum porn viewing pleasure.

Their testing URL is The service is currently only open to select MicroSoft employees, but they intend to launch the service within the next month.


> Currently only open to

> Currently only open to select MicroSoft employees

Congratulations on your new job :)

More info on MicroSoft

More info on MicroSoft FreeBase from Greg Yardley

Aaron drinks....

Aaron is now famous for vodka drinking with MSFT in a funny hat. He never said he managed to swindle a job out of them. Was that because he never went for the caviar and stuck with the steak ;)


Well Scoble is doing the direct blog way.

I am the indirect MSFT blogger...nobody was supposed to figure it out this quickly though :(

Does that not

Does that not sound like a Craigslist competitor?


Does that not sound like a Craigslist competitor?

It's all merging. About a week or two back the WSJ had an article about paying for oil changes on eBay. eBay = local search?

G / Y! / M / eBay...I think they all want to be the default database. Even if they don't know exactly what good the idea will bring they want to get as much of that market as they can before others lock them out of it.

As Google showed in the past though, if you have a better brand and more relevant results an upstart can come out of nowhere.

Wonder if they will have a new size matters war with databases full of random user submitted junk.


Seems they all want to do it all. We're seeing, too, the convergence of arts (film, television) to the Web.

The hardware makers -- specifically, TV manufacturers -- seem to be trying to build TV screens that can handle the Web.

Which makes me hope that one day I can convert that nice 56-inch plasma screen to a monitor with correct resolution. (A recurring theme with me -- LOL.) Though I do wonder just how wide is too wide when it comes to monitors: a monitor that's as wide as I am tall might be a little strain on the neck.

Gates - me too

Funny since Gates recently took a swing at Google's offerings saying they were largely 'me too' products with nothing new to offer.

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