Skaffe Launches Article Distribution Service


Skaffe launched an article submission service for the freely distrbuted articles. The articles are allowed any anchor text in the articles. The site looks easy to crawl so it should be easy to write a bot to pull articles and remix them on the fly.

The service is nearly empty right now, but given the existing skaffe userbase it should fill quickly. Seems to me a great way to get some backlinks or fodder for remixed content (after it fills).


another article bank, check!

no one beats ezinearticles though--- can you believe an article bank actually sends me direct referrals?? :-)

Articles, love em!

Thanks for the post, great lead on a resource.

Andy, thanks for the lead on ezinearticles as well, I stumbled on goarticles the other day, looks pretty close in quality as a resource as well.


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