Google Suggests Racism?


Softopedia notes how Google Suggest tends to promote gross racist stereotypes:

The new Google Suggest beta is a very good idea... in theory, because as practice proved, the service became a tool for finding answers to racist questions. The service is created to fill in possible queries as the user types in a related word. These suggested queries are based on what other people searched for before and it was proved that people are interested in finding evidence that "blacks are inferior", "blacks are lazy" or to prove that the "white race is superior".

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It wasn't that long that if

It wasn't that long that if you put 'children' into their keyword suggestion tool, that it brought up 'fucking children' and other twisted stuff. They really need to keep their eye on this stuff, I think.


I would BETA SUGGEST that >>Search >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Search

most people using the search term “black” or phrases with black in it are looking for "black eyed peas", "Black and Decker" or terms related to Black Sex. And for White: "White Pages", "White Sox", "White House"........ Because a small amount of people, for many different reason search with terms related to racism and additional words are suggested, it means nothing other than the program is helping your find the information you want RAPIDLY or CONVENIENTLY leading you to it. - An advancement in Search Technology.

Actually, the phrase “blacks are inferior” was only searched 55 times on the whole Yahoo network last month: “racism in america” 2800 times, “white race is superior” 0 searches, “Chicago white sox” 260000 searches, “black eyed peas”, almost 2.5 million, HAHA

Did you ever think that most searches about "racism" are probably Civil Rights Groups searching for problems or students studying the issue?

What the program does is it helps you by suggestions find the exact keyword or keyword phrase you can use so that you get the information you want much quicker. It also helps your find related information you might want almost instantly. It helps you stop having to try think up additional keywords or perhaps guessing one. It saves you valuable time and sometimes plenty. “A very good idea” just like the article said. I think brilliant for people doing extensive searching and researching.

That environmental, social or political thoughts like: the oil we use does not poison the earth or that Hong Kong Stinky Tofu (Chou dofu) should be banned in Hong Kong or not can be proven by keyword suggestions or what people search for is ridiculous.

>>>>>search>>>>> + INSINUATIONS??? + PROMOTING RACISM???? =

I BETA SUGGEST a black patch over the eye of the writer and we white out this stuff.

As they continue to expand

As they continue to expand and make access to more information easier I think search engines have to consider the types of information and ideas they may inadvertantly advertise.

I am not saying I know where the exact limits are or how to prevent the stuff from happening...just that it should be given notice is all.

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