"I don't think it's a bubble, it's a boom" [Video]


John Doerr, the Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers guy, waxes lyrical on the new paradigm that is Web 2.0. Unsurprisingly he thinks its got legs.

Video here http://news.com.com/1606-2_3-5956817.html


I wish someone would give me

I wish someone would give me some of that Web 2.0 money love. Unfortunately I don't have anything to offer in return. :)

and you think that's a problem?

Unfortunately I don't have anything to offer in return. :)

Have you had a look at some of the stuff......

I'm investing....

But not in Web 2.0 hysteria.

The new reasonably priced wave of Brew Pub style restaurants are going WILD in California which is where many of the Web 2.0 yuppies are dining. The best of both worlds, I get in on the boom without the doom and gloom hanging over the horizon as these yuppies will still need to feed their failed stock option faces after the Web 2.0 companies are shuttered.

Besides, Web 2.0 should do better in the stock market long term as they're actually anchored in the REAL ECONOMY opposed to Web 1.0 which was the NEW ECONOMY where you gave everything away for FREE and made it up on volume.

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