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Over the past two weeks I have been receiving multiple comments on the Search Engine Journal from a Turk search engine dubbed Quintura (www.Quintura.com). The comments were half way relevant at first but as of lately they've become lazy with their comment spamming or comment marketing, as I judged these posts as border line (Spiced Ham) before today.

Now they've rubbed me the wrong way by trying to place links to their Quintura Search download tools in my blog comments, hoping to trick readers into downloading their search tools, which is a really efficient way to piss me off.

The comment to a post on Yahoo's Asia Firefox partnership : "Yahoo! may as well become the Quintura Search default engine after many others by promoting it to Asia. In view of Yahoo! and Mozilla's partnership no wonder if Quintura starts opening its results in Firefox. Quintura is now a huge success in Turkey. Who's next? Quintura Search."

Quintura and

, if you're reading this now I highly recommend not posting links for downloads in your blog comments campaign, doing so will rub people the wrong way and the result will probably be some bad publicity and name smearing by the search community.

Before proceeding with your blog comment campaign, I suggest you think to yourselves “How can I actually use blog commenting to benefit my site and the target blog I wish to comment on?“

Actually take a moment to read some of the blog posts and the comments which are already threaded after the post. You see, these comments are a conversation. And contributing to the conversation, instead of throwing a bag of wrenches into the middle of it, will not only get you a natural SEO helping relevant link on a blog which covers content similar to your own site; it may even bring you some valuable traffic from the blog readers themselves.

Instead of working against bloggers and the online community by contributing to the comment spamming problem by linking to download pages, work with the community. A little effort on your part to leave an original thought provoking comment on a popular & well read blog, can go a very far way.


Contracted Comment Spam

After posting this I looked a bit deeper into Quintura. They have a business address in Virginia, and looks like they actually have a staffed office at that address. It does appear that they may have contracted a comment spammer to do their "blog marketing", bad move on their part.

Comment spam for a product launch is such a bad strategy. It's like if a Pizza joint was opening up in your home town and paid their delivery boy to take a crap on everyone's doorstep while delivering coupon flyers.

Has anyone else experienced these Quintura posts in their blog comment section?


Dear Loren:

Thank you for your valuable comment. We will check this out.

In fact, we've got a lot of downloads from a search forum in Turkey at linkdegisim.com

Quintura Search is a Windows-based advanced search visualization program that works on top of any search engine or web-site. The software program demonstrates our technology but only a fraction of what the technology can really do.

The Quintura technology utlizes an active semantic neural net to process, store and manage the search results in real time.

We plan to launch community-powered online search services in early 2006.

Quintura's overall vision is to help change a search from a command line to a visual interface, similar to transition from computer's DOS to Windows.

"Dear Loren, Thank you for your valuable comment"

You guys sound like The Borg.

"You guys sound like The Borg."

I don't think Quintura quite understand what TW is about, but I thought it was interesting that if it was they, then they put a link on to lorenbakers friends in Turkey.

Noblely I left the link there, but I am not altogether convinced!


Maybe we should rename this blog to TurkeyWatch.

I collected my thoughts on Quintura and posted them on SEJ (hope I'm not comment spamming!).

I don't think these guys are bad, I just think they are going in the totally wrong direction with their blog marketing.

Some of their comments are absolutely hilarious, but they are nonetheless comment spam. Hopefully they'll learn from my posting as it seems that they actually do have a rather useful product.

It always seems silly to me

It always seems silly to me when a search related company (ie: one that can make money off targeted requested ads) ends up spamming forums or blogs to market their site. Just like Acoona. blah.

Noblely I left the link

Noblely I left the link there, but I am not altogether convinced!

I was not too convinced either.


They spammed my forum as well. A couple of different user names, same IP. Pretty sure I banned the IP now.

Their post here is hilarious. Guess they thought you were posting good things about them?

>A couple of different user names, same IP.

What IP did they use? I'll check my logs.

A couple of different user

A couple of different user names, same IP.

Any info on that welcome so I can block before they spam mine, too. :)

From my Search Engine

From my Search Engine Journal post :

The different email addresses provided by the comment spammers seem to be fake hotmail and yahoo addresses, the IP addresses ( and are the same for the comment posts and based in Amsterdam.

If you look at the WhoIs information for Quintura.com, you’ll see that their Tech Contact, GOLD SPACE, INC, is based in Tver, Russia. Some of the emails used for the comment spamming are addresses at Mail.ru.

Spam on Forums

Disable free email registration ad you'll reduce that considerably


Oops, I was mistaken. It was the one IP but two user names to watch out for: Hernan and Roque Santa Cruz

new press release from them

the next-generation web search company, today announced new advanced “One-Click-Search” features to its breakthrough web search software, Quintura Search 1.0 that helps a user to manage both a search query and result of the query with one click.


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