Give the Link Monkeys some typewriters?


This thread at WMW has some very solid posts in it - If you had 10 people for link development, what would you put them on?

Lots of crystal-ball gazing on the back of whatever link-pattern analysis Google have just wired-in, and a long and, IMO, excellent post from member 'neuron' that ends thus:

So, I'm always hiring and training new link monkeys, but I'll probably will not have a lot more of them a year from now than I have now. However, I will probably have many, many more writers. The content they'll be writing will be full of outgoing relevant links to industry related sties and points of interest for our site visitors.

Turning link-monkeys into content writers is a running theme, and, unlike other threads, notably the one in which a mod declares the latest Google tweaking to be 'anti-linking', there's a lack of 'what's the best way to kill all my links?' hysteria.


Thanks for that, Mat

On another note, its these sort of "heads up" to other threads that made TW invaluable.

That post of nueron's is very good

The one thing that I am doing that you don't mention, and which I'm beginning to put more and more resources into is outgoing, non-reciprocated link building. That is, I am working towards making each of my sites industry hubs for their particular industry. I do this by building relevant to my industry link directories and review every site in the industry and have my linkers write unique descriptions for each.

And interestingly this actually squares the circle

And, amazingly enough, the one thing the search engine is wanting, original information on as many other web sites as it can get.

I don't know how much the Search Engines have actually caught on. I assume they have, and are leading us all by the nose to producing content sites that worked for the good of the user, the search engines and us being able to monetarise them


leading us all by the nose to producing content sites that worked for the good of the user

And this is what I'm struggling to get many clients to do. We work with a lot of small companies -- mom and pops, a lot of home-based businesses, small wineries, etc. These are people who don't have the wherewithal to turn their widget-selling site into a content destination, and don't have the budget to pay us to write for them regularly. They're in a bind as it is without a big PPC budget to help, and now they're falling into an even bigger bind with the dial turned up even higher on content above all else.

good strategy

I'm with Cornwall here...this is the kind of post I need to see at Threadwatch.

The danger of this strategy like any other is that it will be drowned in the factory approach.

Everyone is rushing now to create content. In a year's time, there will be so much content, the search engines won't know what to serve.

First it was directories, then incoming links, then RSS and scrapers, then it was content and now it is content with solid outbound links.

It looks to me like incoming links and content will win the day next year.

Which looks a lot like this year, come to think of it.

A word of warning to those who would repurpose link builders. Nothing kills a site faster than bad writing.

And I won't visit a site twice which deals in prefabicated writing. A lot of you SEO's out there (Bruce Clay's site comes off as a particularly odious and prominent example) build your entire sites of blocks of prefabicated and repurposed truisms.


Why the hell would you want to attract visitors via a search engine to send them running for the aisles gagging on the rancid prefab content you serve them as soon as they arrive?

The initial post was mine on

The initial post was mine on wmw. Crush aka maxd :) The reason was that we do have 10 monkeys getting links but that is going to change in the new year when we go for articles for links. Sort of feel sorry to let some of the monkeys go but we are seeing diminishing returns from recips etc. Worked fine for 3 years but jagger sorted it out finally and I am glad. What a stupid pointless activity it was. Good riddance.

I think there will be too much crap out there for sure. Blogs will have their day, a year or two. People just writing crap and people linking to that crap. It is like mutual masterbation I think I can remember NFFC saying once, heh, how true.

So the new year brings for us 10 new content monkeys and a halved link department. We still need some monkeys to go and "sell" our content to the right sites so some will stay on. Next stage of evolution for the primates.

Content monkeys - can we say that?

I scratch a fair bit, have been known to crap in the great outdoors, and I'm sure my arse is pretty red, given the amount of time I'm sat on it, but, when I've got my scribe hat on I'd like to think I could give most monkeys a run for their money.

Clearly, journalists are scum-de-la-creme, especially Scottish ones, but they, or at least the subs, can write proper. Are you actually turning, or trying to turn, link monkeys into word monkeys? Vomiting into Google all over again?

Are you and yours writing the crap you refer to, or are you going for superior crap? It goes back to what Cornwall referred to, Google leading us by the nose towards quality content, doesn't it? Once this stage has evolved, what's the next step up - that's back to marketing, isn't it? Sorry, rambling.

Yes, you are right Mat. I

Yes, you are right Mat. I guess we are going to be turning out crap for the sake of getting links. Of course the crap needs to be of a good enough quality for people to actually want to link to it or put it on their sites but the prime objective is for our sites to stay in the serps. I guess in that sense by definition it is not crap because people will actually link to it.

The reason it will be written though is for the wrong ones. Just like people getting links on links pages, it is to manipulate link algos.For us search is about the money and being #1 and we will do which ever trick gets us there. Basically we are in an industry where we have more invested than just a website and need the SE traffic as our customers are not local they are from every corner of the eart. Right I am rambling too. Off shopping with the wife.

Wrong reasons?

Now it gets interesting ... every newspaper is published for 'the wrong reasons'; every publication is driven by advertising revenue, and the editorial is bait to attract buyers. Every morning an editor says 'we've got x pages to fill, what do we fill it with today?' not 'everything good has to go in and nothing else.' There are loads of wrong reasons driving media - but if good copy/content is produced as a result, it doesn't matter does it? Don't look at the motivation, look at the result, and that's all G cares about surely. 'Give us nice content and you can have your money.'

good point john

but i don't think this latest round will result in very high quality content. but the next round might.

where the search engines will get deadly - and this is coming - is when they are evaluating sites via their toolbars and time on page and navigation and visit patterns.

and then's when big media - with their hordes of content creators, often journalists - will run the web the way they do the newstands.

much food for thought.

Content content content. I

Content content content.

I love it and spend not inconsiderable fortunes getting it written for me by our sizeable team of writers.

We've been doing it for quite some time (as MaxD and some others know) and it has shown superb results, but from my experience (Where I really mean, fuck ups) in getting the systems working please remember that content on its own isn't enough, make sure you balance all your SEO techniques. That includes current, past and future :)

>>and then's when big media

>>and then's when big media - with their hordes of content creators, often journalists - will run the web the way they do the newstands.


I would have thought that one of the major forces in the perpetuation of the traditional press has been the high barrier to entry.

Any time there has been a technological innovation (e.g. print processes) or a commercial advance (e.g. freesheets), trad media has been forced to take it on the chin.

Surely, if there is a lesson to be drawn from blogs (and count me as a sceptic here), then it is that free access results in a form of meritocracy.

(rapidly followed by guru/flock behaviour)

Content creation in itself

Content creation in itself is short-term. Seen Danny's presentation at SES where SERP's becomes nothing more than backfill to Google promos? We're already part-way there. Google are already solving the content creation issue before it's even become a real issue.

"Seen Danny's presentation

"Seen Danny's presentation at SES where SERP's becomes nothing more than backfill to Google promos? "

Brian, I did not see that but that would be the end if adverts exceeds SERPS. I am sure Google would not go down that road unless you got some loon in charge.

Not everyone agrees

Caveman, a WMW mod, chips in with this in the middle of - yep - the hydra that is the update Jagger thread:

I'm having to advise some clients with great sites to go out and beef up link building efforts, just to keep up, when they should be worrying about building great sites. The days of "If you make great content, they will come" seem to be coming to an end.

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