Yahoo Launches New FIFA World Cup Site


Gearing up for the 2006 World Cup, Yahoo and FIFA have re-launched

Live coverage is in Portuguese, Italian, Korean, English, French, German and Spanish, but I'm wondering whether they'll be publishing in the Queen's English, especially since England will probably be whooped by Brasil again this WC.


"whooped by Brasil "

Why confine the "whooping" to just Brazil, there are 31 others that can (and will) whoop them.

Though I concede that in the first instsnce it can only be the other seven teams in their group. Which the BBC forecasts to be.

Germany, Brazil, Italy, France, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, England.

Do you see England beating any of that lot?

England are (hopefully) to

England are (hopefully) to be seeded, and therefore POOLED with them cornwall, meaning they WONT have to play them in the first stages.

so, we can save the whooping for a little bit later on :(


I don't see anything new about the site. Its been like this for a good while, hasn't it?

Yes, looks like South

Yes, looks like South American will have a good showing, especially with a coke free, post plastic and gastric bypass surgery Maradona cheering for Argentina, and Brasil's Diego, Ronaldihno and Robinho filling in for a fat and lazyn aging and lazy Ronaldo.

I really don't follow Germany much, but with that Crazy Psycho goalie not playing this WC, don't think they'll have much going for them.

I'm also thinking that we'll see a surprise from Senegal :)

Not seeing this thread on

Not seeing this thread on the TW homepage anymore. Aaron, something odd happening?

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