Viral advertising, Expired Domains and Blog Spamming

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Viral advertising, Expired Domains and Blog Spamming
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Its not quite what you think it is but well worth a read.

"Viral advertising agency Asa Bailey became the belle de jour recently when it snatched up the just-expired domain name and put a picture of what looks like the feet of a cadaver, sporting a toe tag that read, “If you understood the modern brand, you would know how to protect it.”



Yeah, nice. Buzz creation and word of mouth can work out real well online i think. A right word here, a subtle mention there and before you know it....

Blogs are of course viral in nature, trackback and commenting providing the tools to spread a message round the "blogosphere" in 48hrs or less - it only takes one influential blogger to pick up the story and you're away.

Cool stunt, wish they'd had a screenshot :)

I would think it was on the lines of

"Visit the ASABAILEY site and you'll notice that the core domain is but some enterprising chap has noticed that they failed to register/renew the obvious variant and taken control of that with a message of their own."



Thats too good, what a turnaround lol....

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