5% of domains have dodgy registration details


From a BBC report - US warns of fake net domain data

More than 5% of the net's most popular domains have been registered using "patently false" data, research shows.

A US congressional report into who owns .com, .net and .org domains found that many owners were hiding their true identity.

Tsk. Tsk.


Those of you without sin..

..cast the first stone.


Only 5%???
That has to be a way low figure.
I would have thought it was more like 35% or 40%.

When some search engines

When some search engines provide a financial disincentive to tell the truth what do you expect?

"financial disincentive to tell the truth "

What is the difference anyway between putting porkies on Whois, and paying to have your details witheld?

Having 50 different

Having 50 different interconected domains all registered at same registrar with private whois info looks a little funny. Having 5 domains at 10 registrars with your real name and adresss, your sisters different married name and address, your mom's maiden name and address, and a few private ones thrown in looks a lot less funny.

looks a lot less funny at

looks a lot less funny

at least until they build their ancestry site :)

at least until they build their ancestry site :)

wouldn't surprise me if they eventually do... :-)
5% does seem like a low figure , yet I guess random names
from the whitepages are'nt considered "dodgy".

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