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Reuters report Google is introducing a music search feature. It would appear to be (but I don't see it yet myself) "prominently placed above the main search results in what Google calls its "one box" area -- where information such as weather, movies or books may also be highlighted." Lot of money in music, sort of neglected it myself.

When a user enters a music-related search in Google search box, the resulting search returns information about the artist, a few albums and a picture, when available, above the standard search results.


It's real and live.

It's real and live.

Britney as a search term does trigger it.
Britney Music as a search term trigger does trigger it.
Britney mp3 doesnt trigger it.

Interesting, but it seems the URL you really want is

and specifically with a Strange Logic, André Shapps (Software Director) feel try this BAD search

I tried music:nirvana and it

I tried music:nirvana and it turned out some nice results


Tom Mcrae shows up as one album, when he has indeed had three, so it still needs some work.

Interesting all the same - I wonder what the next industry google will try and cream money out of will be? If they want to promote the mobile firm that I work for i'll give them a good deal ;)

tool must be broken...

they don't have Unpoc.

This song is so good.


how're they choosing the 'buy it now' stores?

And, erm, can I mention how easily this too could integrate with Autolink or shall I leave the lid on that box for now?

Would be a shame if they're

Would be a shame if they're only picking up commercial artists - plenty of independents released free music to the web.

>> Tom Mcrae shows up as one

>> Tom Mcrae shows up as one album, when he has indeed had three, so it still needs some work.

It shows three albums here. Tom McRae, Just Like Blood and All Maps Welcome. I'm surprised, but glad to hear that someone knows him here. Seen him live a couple of months ago - it was great.

It's a nice feature. Too bad it doesn't work for all artists, but perhaps that's just a matter of time.

It's a bit picky

But still kind of neat.

[crosby stills nash] doesn't bring up the music search. Nor does [crosby, stills, nash].

However, both [crosby stills & nash] and [crosby, stills and nash] do.

Drilling down is nice. You can find all versions of a song on different albums by the group and by various other artists.

But -- and I think this is where Google might raise some ire from publishers -- are the links to the bootleg lyrics sites. Seems like G might again be skirting on the edge here.

how're they choosing the

how're they choosing the 'buy it now' stores?

I'm astonished that Amazon's not on the list. Unless of course, they're eventually going to use autolink to overwrite the links to the other stores...

[added]The SEW piece lists Amazon, but I didn't see it in the Britney results.

Lots of information centered

Lots of information centered around movies as well, both by title (king kong) and location (winnipeg movies).


Haven't found the rhyme or reason as to how they choose the stores to display, but have seen Amazon a couple of times, even MSN Music.

Google has more details on their blog


They've specifically noted that they plan to expand the catalog to include more non-American and more indie-type stuff (thankfully!).

Personally, as I noted on Batelle's blog, I'm pretty underwhelmed by this feature. I was hoping Google would actually supply audio snippets or facilitate discovery. Oh well.

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