Yahoo! Jumps in Analytics Research Market


Not too long ago Google jumped into the analytics market. Yahoo! recently decided to follow, but is offering a higher level product for a yet unspecified price.

Yahoo will soon offer advertisers on its Web sites the opportunity to get detailed research indicating whether their ads are affecting sales. The service is the result of an agreement Yahoo has struck with Marketing Management Analytics, a Wilton, Conn., research company that uses econometric analysis to measure the effectiveness of advertising. Marketers will have to pay extra for the service.

A branch of economics, econometrics uses mathematical calculations to measure the relationship between different sets of events. To determine an advertisement's effectiveness, analysts at companies such as MMA, a unit of London-based Aegis Group, use complex equations to estimate how factors such as weather, price cuts and advertising affect sales.

WSJ article

Does this type of service need to be provided by a third party? Who would trust the ad seller to tell them how effective the ads are?


Can you trust your analytics to publishers?

I think this is a valid question - but one that will be answered by the jingling of money in the collective pockets of the publishers. If I were Coremetrics, Omniture, Hitbox or Webtrends I'd be sweating right now - in fact, I'd be hiring a PR firm to get out the benefits of using independent third party analytics. Publishers offering full analytics suites for free is too tempting for most mid-sized companies, and for a lot of fortune 500s as well.

Trust and Limits

Not only do I not trust the publishers to provide their own analysis, I don't feel good about the growing scope for data collection that the major search engines are working towards. I'll keep our analytics third party. It would be great to hear what others think about the companies devoted to providing web analytics. Has there been a report anywhere that gives comparisons for core features and costs on the top providers?

May it be better than their Marketing Console

I've had the displeasure of working with the Yahoo Marketing Console for several different clients, and it's slow, buggy, and generally a massive PITA. Admittedly, I've been less than thrilled with the performance and UI of Google Analytics, but we're talking completely different leagues here... not even anywhere near the same ballpark.

So all I can say is... I sure hope Yahoo has wised up and actually acquires a DECENT analytics package and builds up a customer service team to match.

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