It Always Feels Like Somebody's Watching Me...


Tim Bray posted about What the Spooks Know:

I think that with a high probability, the US intelligence community in general, and the NSA in particular, with support from its UKUSA allies, is capturing more or less all the traffic there is: telephone, FAX, email, Usenet, Web, feeds. I think they’re data-mining all of it, looking for anything suspicious, without regard to who it’s from or who it’s to.

In other related news:


Yep it's getting really

Yep it's getting really scary you know what Google can do, and may the MIB's can't datamine as well but I bet sure can store it for later use.

so now the bad guys

will be the ones with guns on the buses and the tube.

The trouble is that the bads guys know..

..that they are being watched. The average punter does not.

Therefore the bad guys use disposible cards in their cell phones, the average punter does not.

El Reg has a story about how "they" find out exactly where you are when you have a cell phone on you. If you want to see how it is done.

But the IRA knew about this a long time ago, and stopped carrying them.

ECHELON is hoovering up all mobile calls. There is a big one in Cornwall at Morwenstow . I would think that this post will be flagged because I have put "Morwenstow" into it. Scary isn't it?

Daft thing is that if I was a terrorist I would use a code name like "wanker" not "Morwenstow" and the software would not pick it up, so why do they bother? I leave that thought with the intellegence guy reading this post.

I'm surprised anyone is

I'm surprised anyone is surprised - I used to live about 40 miles from Menwith Hill, which is a major US listening station for Europe, based near York in the UK.

It's basic function, so far as I understand it, is to simply vacuum up telecommunications across the UK and Europe for data-mining. That certainly included e-mails.

Because of that knowledge, I avoid sending telecommunications on my plans for world domination, and instead use hamster post. ;)

George Orwell

Was only off 20 years

Menwith Hill doesn't exist

Or at least that's what I was told back in '72. I asked for an assignment there as part of my reenlistment option and was denied because, well, since it wasn't actually there you couldn't request it. Very Harry Potterish long before his time.

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