Yahoo!: Stuck in the Shadows of Google


The Red Herring has an article about Yahoo! revamping their search marketing product to better compete with Google. But, as they state, Yahoo! seems stuck in Google's shadow.

In many cases, Yahoo managed to launch key products before its rival, which is located just a few miles away in Mountain View, California. But the media and the blogging communities have overlooked Yahoo’s innovation as soon as the search giant launches the same service.

They also talk about Yahoo! trying to do a good job bridging the gap between online and offline better.

For Yahoo to really take on Google, it will need all the help it can get from its search marketing unit, which is the foundation its revenue stream is built upon. And as it comes up with innovative ways to capture ad dollars, it needs to look to solutions like integrated media campaigns, which refer to campaigns that blend the offline and online worlds.

I don't think Yahoo! has been that innovative on the ad front least not as it relates to search.

  • In spite of Overture starting up about 5 years prior to Google when Yahoo! updates their ad system to factor in CTR it will be more like Google AdWords.
  • Yahoo! was slow to adopt a program that worked with small publishers.
  • Many of the contextual ads look flat out weird, only containing a few words that sometimes do not even hint at what the ad is about.
  • Now that Yahoo! is expanding they have the same quality issues that Google does.

Yahoo! has been doing some things right (like reminding FireFox users that they can search Yahoo! in FireFox), but Yahoo! still is throwing away many easy wins. Why not put a buy now and/or sign up button on the Overture view bid tool? Or maybe a coupon for new users?



If Yahoo found a cure for cancer and Google only brought out a line of band aids (Beta), who do you think the mainstream media would fawn over? Google. It seems like all they know.

I think Yahoo has so many options and features people get lost in the choices, so does the Press.

Yahoo is pulling ahead IMO

Comparing Yahoo to Google is somewhat apples to oranges as only a portion of Yahoo is SEARCH and the rest is all web community and they are so far ahead in that area it's pathetic.

I've been watching Yahoo on a couple of fronts for 2 months now and even reporting on some activites and they seem to be leading the pack in getting fresh content in their index.

Google may crawl faster but is WAY behind both Yahoo and MSN as far as getting new content crawled and indexed from what I'm seeing.

Not to mention Google Blog Search appears to be garbage and just randomly skips indexing some topics in Blogger which they own.

Yahoo has a much better story to tell for newbies using their RSS feed reader in My Yahoo as the instructions at Google flat didn't work right. Some feeds took me a while before I could figure out how to add them to Google, so I stuck with My Yahoo as I'm not interested in banging my head on the desk because of stupid errors at Google in something so massively simple as RSS.

Not to mention Yahoo has it's own proprietary directory product opposed to the corrupt DMOZ mess Google uses.

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