'No evidence' hangover cures work


OK Christmas (or to some readers "Happy Holiday") is over, and no doubt some of you are suffering from the excesses today. But the bad news is you'll have to live with the hangover .

Having looked at a range of hangover cures which included: propranolol (a beta-blocking drug), tropisetron (drug for nausea and vertigo), tolfenamic acid (a painkiller from the same family as aspirin and ibuprofen), fructose or glucose, and the dietary supplements borage, artichoke, prickly pear, and a yeast based product...

...in the end, a British academic, after extensive work funded no doubt by the British taxpayer (presumably paying students to get drunk) , concluded

"The most effective way to avoid the symptoms of alcohol-induced hangover is thus to practise abstinence or moderation."

Unless any of you can give them the answer to hangovers.


LOL cornwall I read that as

LOL cornwall I read that as if "Work" was what was to be cured by "Hangover" :-)

Personally hangover has been a lot less of a problem after I quit smoking. Still it feels bad if I've spend the night in smoke filled rooms.

I also find it helps drinking a lot of non-alcoholic liquid (sodas or whatever) alongside the drinks. And take two aspirins before you go to bed, with lotsa water.

lots and lots of water

and if you're planning on a binge don't drink anything with much tannin in it.

And if its already too late just live with it and quit whining, ya wusses :)

Monopoly Shots

Lots of water and some food before you crash for the night and odds are you'll wake up in somewhat decent shape, works for me!

Night before Xmas we sat up playing "Monopoly SHOTS" with friends until 2AM and we took a shot every time you go to Jail. Besides the beer we were drinking the rest of the game, but just 2 of us were doing tequila shots and my buddy and I polished off a 750ml bottle of tequila just going to jail in Monopoly!

Woke up the next morning without hangovers much to our wives dismay, they only polished off half a bottle of whiskey - they rarely went to jail - cheaters

Lots of water...

...before you pass out is a top tip, and be sure to wash down a couple of Vitamin B pills (the heavy kind) with that. Normally, these pills are meant for pregnant women* and whathaveyou...

Seriously. Vitamin B and a "gallon" of water works, up to a point of course.

PS: on Braniac, the English breakfast came up tops, but I think their experiment was "skewed" :-)

* they often walk like drunks anyway....

Gotta watch the Vitamin B's

Gotta watch the Vitamin B's though. If you don't take them with LOTS of water, it feels like you were punched in the kidneys.

Vitamin B's work for many things. They have a way of kicking your immune system in the butt and clearing out your system.

I've always found that lots of water and a BLT (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato) sandwich works very well.

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