Euro spammers face a bleak midwinter?


The Independent (and others) report on a test case for a new European law, the Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications, which resulted in a Scottish email spammer being ordered to pay damages in the small claims court for some sample emails.

When Mr Roberts, 37, received unwanted e-mail adverts for a contract car firm and a fax broadcasting business, he took action. He said: "The new law gives anyone who is spammed the right to seek damages against the originators of the unwanted e-mail, fax or text message."

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What a pussy. I get 400 spam

What a pussy. I get 400 spam mails a day ( my email has been around since 99) and my filter gets 98% of them so I spend less than a minute deleting spam.

Looks like easy money..

..if they have a UK address, you can file the claim online.

the firm has agreed an out-of-court settlement in which they will pay him damages of £270 and his £30 claim fee.

AOL spam

Just to hijack this thread - a Reuters story - Trump, "Penis Patch" in list of top 2005 junk mail - claims a number that is just enormous:

In 2005, AOL blocked an average of 1.5 billion spams per day. Approximately 8 in 10 e-mails received at its gateway were blocked as junk

Sheesh. And 'penis patch'? - 'zat for a security hole in PenisXP?

Some "establishment" analysis

The Times adds some analysis...

The regulations emanating from Brussels and Whitehall are open to wide interpretation but in their strictest sense they required marketing companies to receive informed consent from customers before contacting them. This in effect should bar what web marketers class as a "soft opt-in".

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