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It seems that underneath the rather clunky AJAX exterior of Google Reader lies a rather robust API that should be, if the comments are anything to go by, be announced in the future.

Some interesting quotes:

Google Reader is an online feed aggregator with heavy use of JavaScript and pretty quick loading of the latest feed data from around the web. Google's AJAX front-end styles back-end data published in the Atom syndication format. The data technologies powering Google Reader can easily be used and extended by third-party feed aggregators for use in their own applications. I will walk you through the (previously) undocumented Google Reader API.
So, to clarify. To date the API has been undocumented by us to date to help prevent those oh-my-gawd-the-url-changed headaches that would've happened if we'd changed something. So developers should note that some of the URLs might still change but that we're getting close to stability and we're happy for anyone to build atop the framework who is interested (and doesn't find managing auth issues daunting) as that's been our goal and intent with the API for Reader.


It seems to me Yahoo! wants

It seems to me Yahoo! wants to help the user create their own media consumption habbits, but Google is more interested in owning the framework that allows people to create behind the scenes technology that changes how media is consumed.

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