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Blogs help sell books, allegedly. Not sure how site authority and internal link structure will play into it, but Amazon has launched a program to allow authors to blog on the site.

I wonder if authors will be able to effectively use Amazon's global trust score to spam up the search indexes. Can they link out on their author blogs? If not the blogs will be at best constrictive trash. If they can I need to get an ISBN and get blogging. A few mainstream media articles referenced Meg Wolitzer's Amazon Blog, which so far has no outbound links and horrific URLs.

Has anyone seen the Amazon consumer wiki content manipulating any search results yet? Few sites get as much love from the search engines as, but the trend with many of these types of sites is to extend the consumer generated media aspect of it, which at some point may make them harder to trust.

You have to imagine that Amazon will mine sales data and blog activity to eventually directly offer authors exclusive book publishing deals.


Probably no external links

The wiki they were experimenting with didn't allow external links, so it wouldn't surprise me if the blog was the same. Amazon's general strategy seems to encourage maximum stickiness. This might appeal to authors looking for an easy way to get on the blogging bandwagon, but personally I wouldn't do it to promote by books due to the lack of control.

What I might do, though, is copy selected blog entries from my own blogs up to the Amazon blog. That might be a better solution.

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