Google Contextual Conversations (Beta)


Mark Daoust released a satire article looking at the possible top 10 moves by Google in 2006. Without copying the full article, let's just say it includes Winston Churchill and a veiled Family Guy reference. Here's number 2:

2. Contextual Conversations?

In an effort to place Google ads in more places, Google is testing placing contextual ads within actual conversations. Soon, while you may be having a romantic night out with that person you love, not only will the subject of an engagement ring enter the conversation, but the opportunity to find four highly targeted vendors to sell you a ring will be a part of that conversation.

I couldn't stand it. I had to object:

SR: “Don't you think this is going a bit far?”

Eric: “No.”

SR: “What about privacy? Genuine conversation? Conversation for the sake of conversation?”

Eric: “Eh, you are just being shallow and pedantic.”

SR: “What do you mean 'shallow and pedantic'?”

Eric: “Click on this link and I'll tell you.”