Adwords on Google Maps


Not only is Google out to organize all the worlds information but they make sure they monetize it too. They are now experimenting with Adwords on Google Maps (Hotels New York, NY) according to Click Z

A search on "hotels" in New York City returns an organic list of local hotels, plotted on the map with red markers and bracketed by sponsored hotel listings, plotted on the map with blue markers. The same search in other locations, such as San Francisco, doesn't yet return the paid listings.

Hotels New York, NY



go figure.

Is there any doubt that,

Is there any doubt that, eventually, ALL of Google's products/services will have AdWords?

No surprise

Back when they came out with the API G "reserved the right" to include advertising on the maps. I'd really be interested if this is affecting folks who use the API.

Google maps = website adware

Google maps = website adware trojan


I was wondering how long it would take those nitwits to merge the two technologies.

What I really want to see is discount restaurant coupons pop up when I'm looking for someplace to go out to eat, not AdWords linking me to a web site, you listening Google?

Now, when can I have it in a GPS navigation device?

>when can I have it

>when can I have it in

You'll probably have it sooner if you go Blackberry, or so it appears. (last paragraph)

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