Apple Goes Mobile?


After creating a huge following in the music market it looks like Apple may want to own the mobile market. They recently filed to trademark "mobile me":

Apple Computer Inc. has filed to trademark the phrase "Mobile Me" for use in a wide range of businesses, furthering speculation it could introduce an iPod phone.

"We believe this is further indication of (Apple's) strategic direction to extend its iPod + iTunes and Mac franchises into new business areas including smart phones, value-added mobile content services, and the broader consumer electronics space," American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu wrote in a note on Thursday.

Some people are speculating that Steve Jobs was going to talk about new offerings, but didn't due to supply concerns:

So tonight I'm sitting in a bar when I run into an old friend, who is very highly placed in the Apple world. I hate to cite an anonymous source, but trust me, he knows.

And he tells me the keynote that Jobs gave was not the keynote he had planned. Some of the speech had been cut out. Key products were missing.

My source said there was some stuff, "some very, very cool stuff," that Jobs couldn't unveil because of "supply issues."

"They can't get enough Core Duo (chips)," said my source.

He also said that if he were me, he probably wouldn't order one of the new MacBook Pros.