Confessions of a Bad Directory Owner

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Public Apology for my bad Behaviour
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I used the robots.txt file and meta tags on a page where I listed link partners to prevent search engine spiders from seeing that page, thus reducing the benefits of the reciprocal link for those linking to me and selfishly building one-way links to my site.

I know it was wrong. I was a greedy a--hole and I'm sorry. I have replaced all the links on seo-friendly pages in a newly built directory on the site

Bad, or just plain stupid? - randfish you daft bugger, didn't you think anyone would notice? hehe....


NOT Smart

GREED: the anti friend.

And now you can add the crime of blatant forum spamming

Sometimes you just have to admire an artist though.

Nah, he's okay...

I spoke to him, and have followed some of his posts (or hers) he's okay. Just a bit of a donkey on this directory thing.. we all make mistakes. Seems genuinely sorry, but then so would i be if i'd been caught LoL!

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