The Age of links - How Important is the Age of a Link?

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The Age of links
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Which is better as a backlink?
A PR4 link that's been linking to your site for 2 years...
a PR7 link that's been linking to your site since last month?
(all other things being equal).

The days of buying links for a quick fix may be ending, and being replaced with working to obtain more "perminant" links.

A one time submission to a directory for a lifetime listing is starting to look like a nice investment right about now.


Great topic

I think this is a great topic that deserves more attention. I saw this discussion at seochat of a link here from threadwatch at one point. Obviously, age in some regard, is playing a role. I would love to see research on someone isolating the variables of link age vs. domain age and the effects of both.

Even gut feeling speculation would be interesting...where is all the commentary on this?? :)

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