Sells for $14 million


According to this report the controversial domain has officially been sold to Boston-based Escom LLC for a reported $14 million. was originally registered in 1994 by Gary Kremen. It was stolen the following year by Internet crook Stephen Cohen. It took Kremen five years to get his domain name back. Cohen fled the USA when a court ordered him to pay $65 million in damages to Kremen. Police tracked Cohen to Mexico and brought him back to the US. The whole saga is here

Prior to learning of the sale of, numerous adult industry message board postings had already begun speculating on the sale after noticing the radical change in the appearance of the website. On the homepage of the updated website, the new owners refer to the site as “the new,” and the appearance is radically different from the former site. The site is copyrighted by Escom.



did a write up on the domain name in Feb issue.

Rancho Santa Fe

Some insane parties happened at the mansion that was siezed from the thief and given to the original domain owner.

Kinda Ironic

That escom's touted product on the corp. homepage has this intro:

In the time it takes you to read this paragraph, a spammer can forge your address and send a pornographic message or virus from you to other users on your own network. And if your mail system is like most, you can't do anything about it.

Proves once again

That SEX sells

Sad Thing

The sad thing is that the rightful owner never really was able to fully maximize the revenue of the domain. I still think it is a little overpriced nowadays, but still a very valuable domain. You do have to wonder how much opportunity was squandered over the years though when type-ins were so popular.

He might not have maximized

He might not have maximized the revenue, but according the the Wiki article he settled with Netsol for somewhere around $20 million.

That's a heck of a lot of type-ins.


I would think it was sold cheap. If the courts awarded him $65 million for a 5 yr period they must have based that on something.

Don't discount the value of type-ins, many people earn a nice living off of them.

AVN said the price was 11.4

AVN said the price was 11.4 million

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