And bears shit in the woods, you know


(I feel like there's a little Nick on my shoulder ... 'go on, call him a wanker, you know you want to'...)

From (cue fanfare, aim that spotlight ... drum roll) 'The Spam Report' (part of comes the following devastating news - Casinos turn blind-eye to message board spam.

I feel soiled, as though a sacred place inside of me can now never be the same again. Apparently

Experts claim such embedded links, brand-name use and the practice of spamming message boards all raises the Google ranking and online prominence of the domains but there is growing concern that such underhand tactics are at best unwittingly endorsed by the casinos, due to generous affiliate schemes they offer to companies willing to promote their businesses online.

A growing concern? It gets worse - don't any of you folks go getting ideas now, we'd lose the whole neighborhood - just read on:

Affiliate schemes in the hugely competitive online casino business are certainly a growing industry.

I mean I'm sorry, I know it's easy to take cheap shots, but bugger me backwards this is drivel. My dog could do better.



Sunner said even if the casinos are unaware of their services being promoted in this way, "you'd think they'd be more concerned about their brands".

Now that is just a classic. I'd so much rather have a clean brand than make money.

My guess is deadline time

My guess is deadline time was coming up and he had nothing

Forum spamming is no better

Forum spamming is no better than e-mail spamming.

Hey, I'm not making a moral judgement - I'm simply pointing out that it's an attempt to monetise low conversion rates via mass distribution.

IMO there are more effective ways to do it.

casinos? clean brand?

I'd so much rather have a clean brand than make money.

Oh, so "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" is an attempt to keep clean?

it was just a little sarcasm

it was just a little sarcasm there John


it was just a little sarcasm there John

yeah, I see that now, but why didn't you tell me before I fellover it! ;-)

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