MacGuru Resigns at WebmasterWorld

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MacGuru Resigns at WebmasterWorld
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In my view, MacGuru is / was one of the kindest most generous hearted folks i've met online - he was the first to speak to me at wmw when i made my first newbie post about cloaking and was *always* around when i needed him.

Sometimes, he was there when I didnt know i needed him - the man is a superstar

Hi everyone,

I resigned from moderating WebmasterWorld a while back for personal reasons.

It has been a very pleasent ride along with the finest team on the greatest board on earth about webmastering.

I will still be around to learn the latest trick and also keep you posted with stupid jokes, and toilet related stuff, promise!

Thanks everyone!



Sad news, good luck with whatever you're doing Vincent...


Hey MacGuru

Come to Threadwatch! Would be great to have you here....Always loved your posts.

Macguru is pure class. Answer

Macguru is pure class. Answered my questions about Macs which led to my switching. I really appreciated the time he took with me on that.

Hey MacGuru, I Won't Miss You!

You know why, because I know you won't be far away. You are more than likely going to show up at one of my favorite spots, threadwatch being one of them. I'll agree with Brad in that MacGuru is definitely pure class. I've always followed the Macintosh Webmaster Forum at WebmasterWorld. You made that forum Mac. :)

Hi guys !

Thanks for the comments, guys.

I just want to stress the point that my resignation has absolutely nothing to do with the board. I still think it's a top notch board with cutting edge people about a lot of web related topics.

Some external factor forced my resignation.

Else from what feels like a self amputation, everything if fine.

P.S. Can we discuss toilets here ? :)



>Can we discuss toilets here

>Can we discuss toilets here

Better yet, I could get Nick to open a pyrotechnics section.

rcjordan !!!

Hey rcjodan !

The Father of Foo himself !

Long time no see. You still have that famous coffee mug ?

So this is the pub where all the ex WmW mods hang loose ?

Cheers !


>You still have that famous c

>You still have that famous coffee mug ?

Yes. It probably should be kept under lock & key, but right now it's over there on the corner of my desk.

>So this is the pub where all the ex WmW mods hang loose ?



Welcome to Threadwatch MacGuru! Soooo nice to see you over hear Vincent :)

Now, go intro yourself!


It does feel a bit publike now and again eh?

>So this is the pub where all the ex WmW mods hang loose ?

Ummmmm, maybe I better just keep quiet then ...


Mr. Mac himself stopping by?

Mr. Mac himself stopping by? Awesome.
Sorry to see you leave Wmw though Vincent, but I know you have your reasons. There's always room for all kinds of creatures here in Denmark, so pull up a chair and hang around TW :)

>Ummmmm, maybe I better just keep quiet then ...

Hehe, me too Woz, me too..

Vincent - nice to have you hair

>So this is the pub where all the ex WmW mods hang loose ?

I don't know if I'm hanging lose here, but it sure feels a bit like a family reunion (though i've never been to one of those).


You know, I woulnd't mind learning more about those either...though I know, it's not SEO related ;) Still sounds fun.


we have a detritus blog for off topic foo :) submit button is top right..

one of the kindest most generous hearted folks i've met online

No question.

Bienvenue à Threadwatch MacGuru, je pense que vous l'aimerez ici un bon nombre de feux d'artifice !

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