Amazon to Compete with AdSense

10 comments the poster child for E-Commerce is testing the waters for a contextual advertising program that will compete with Google's AdSense, Chris Beasley has some details on Sitepoint. Is the market big enough to support three big players, are there enough advertisers, does this have an effect on MSN's program?

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two thoughts:

two thoughts:

  • I can't see Amazon seriously competing...not enough search traffic.
  • Does this alter autolink or Amazon ranking for everything under the sun in Google?

i dont really get it. amazon

i dont really get it. amazon thinks it can compete with google on a contextual ad network? that's attacking the online advertising industry's biggest player by competing with them along their biggest strength. if the sitepoint article is true and amazon is really just trying to clone adsense, i cant imagine this working.

i think a company that starts off as a media company and develops a core strength of online publishing will stand a better chance of taking the contextual ad market from google. like maybe a good blog network, or a network of user-driven news sites (i.e. a network of sites like tw, slashdot, digg, etc)

Don't forget that Amazon own

Don't forget that Amazon own Alexa and Alexa have recently opened up their entire DB to anyone to (ab)use via their websearch program (and by golly, I personally think it is great since I have had my access)

One of the stated goals for the websearch program from their FAQ is to allow people to developp their own applications / search engines from the data.

What types of services can I publish?

Users can add custom search fields to Alexa’s web search. Future enhancements will allow users to build completely custom search engines as well -- an example of which is Alexa’s photo search at

I'm pretty sure that some of those future success stories will be the goal for the contextual advertising service and personally I say good luck to them all :)

Surprised Ebay hasn't thought of the same thing...

You'd think as many ads as there are for e-bay on google, they would have thought of this before.

I actually think it might work well for Amazon.

Hello, A9 anyone?

Have you all forgotten Amazon has a bunch of smart people parked down here at Palo Alto, CA working on A9 and that an AdSense type product is a natural fit with this?

Not to mention they would probably love to use their own version of advertisong on Alexa as well and keep all the profits. Then consider the leverage they have with a HUGE affiliate network that might jump on PPC ads in a heartbeat.

They may be better poised to strike than MSN if you think about it.

don't forget Amazons experiment with 43things

with the expertise in social navigation and new UI's like TagClouds which they are gleaning from their efforts at, I would be very surprised if whatever they come out with is simply a clone of AdSense. A9 allows them to play with how Goog does things, but with all the behavorial, technographic, psychographic, demographic and social targeting expertise under the belt at the big, this should be very interesting to watch (and leverage for profits :-)

I dunno...

Read my blog entry for my doubts about this. Personally, I think Amazon's trying to find ways to make more money from its big investments in hardware. That's why they've been experimenting with things like the Amazon Simple Queuing Service....


Amazon has a ready made direct channel straight to webmasters with their affiliate network. If Amazon said I was pre-approved and all I had to do is login to my Amazon Associates account and get the code - you better believe I'd at least give it a try.

A9 is not growing as fast as

A9 is not growing as fast as search or Amazon's other properties...and lest we forget that all of Amazon's search on Alexa or A9 is layered on top of Google technology.

Sounds good to me

This sounds good. Amazon has a deep database of advertisers to pull from and lots of skilled existing affiliates = instant player.

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