Are Blogs a Passing Phase or Marketing Gold?

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Blogs: Fad or Marketing Medium of the Future?
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Linked above is a piece over at adage via stece rubel on blogging. It's really only telling us, threadwatchers, what we know already: That we dont know for sure, but for now, blogging works well (both in seo and general marketing online).

It's a good excuse to talk about it a little bit though if you're so inclined :)

What do you think? - Are blogs here to stay or will they quickly be replaced with other communications media?


"A revolution requires that people leave their house."

re the above quote, I'm not so sure about whether they have to PHYSICALLY leave the premises.

Im not sure..

..that some of them get out at all lol!

Heavy reading that site RC, thanks for the link. I cant see blogs going in a negative direction right now or the next few years i must say. I can see other types of sites incorporating blogging features though and the "pure blog" becoming less dominant online.

This site is a bit of a hybrid and with CNet putting trackback on their site recently im sure everything else will soon follow suit.

After all, it isnt really the software - they're just a simple CMS with a couple of specific tools, blogging is somewhat of a discipline, or possibly religion heh..

There are a whole slew of startups pitching corporates to take up blogging and i must see at least 3 new companies every couple of days doing something with blogging and bloggers for business.

Roll on..

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