Yahoo! User Interface Library


I am not much of the web developer type, but Jeremy pointed at Yahoo!'s User Interface Library and Design Pattern Library.



Being a programmer since back in the day when we used stone knives and bear skins to construct mnemonic memory circuits this is way cool.

Better to let people leverage than reinvent the wheel.

OK Google, what do you have to share?

You had knives?

You had stone knives? We used to dream of having stone knives ;).

That's a very nice thing for Yahoo to do - thanks! I'll have to review when I get some time.

Very useful

Some very useful (and free) tools and information for those who are looking to add interactivity to their sites (aren't we all? community, stickyness, trust, you know the buzzwords already) - the blog is well worth bookmarking to keep an eye on what other goodies are arriving in future, imo.

Nice to see some usable positives coming out (alongside maps, etc.) from the AJAX hype.

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