Rumor: Larry's 20% Time & Sanity Out the Window

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ValleyWag posts Larry Page goes nuts, quoting an anonymous tipster:

A couple weeks ago, at a regular engineering all-hands, Larry Page went on a half-hour rant that left the entire engineering team wondering if he's gone nuts.

He spent a long time lecturing everyone about how we're not smart enough to pick the right projects to work on, and he singled out a couple of projects (in front of hundreds of engineers) to complain about because they weren't using shared infrastructure components.

Then he announced that he doesn't want people to use 20% time to work on new ideas -- yep, Larry has suddenly decided that the only good way to use 20% time is to work on someone else's project.

Google has been going through a rough patch recently:

Has Larry started throwing chairs yet? Is everything on the map? It looks like Sergey still supports him!


So they really are human?

After this long, one had to wonder if the Google honchos weren't really robots. Good to see they can throw a temper tantrum just like everyone else.

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