Doug Heil & Jill Whalen in White Hat Death Match

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Another Agency Promising Top Positions, How do they plan to achieve this?
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Doug Heil has shown up in a thread over at HR to out do himself in the whiney white knight role he loves to parade around the forums. It's just another of those "this company is promising no.1 spots" threads but the fun is in the debate between Doug and Threadwatch member Jill.

She's currently slapping him about whilst allowing him all the rope he requires to hang himself. He does a fine job without to much rope usually but this is exceptional form from the zealot like Doug.

He's upset becuase jill wont allow the posting ("outing") of specific companies on her forum - damn good policy if you ask me.

Doug enters the thread:

hmm. I come in here to read the "spam" threads just ever so often, and see that "another" traffic power type company is blatantly misleading the industry and ALL people new to the internet, but only to see that this said company cannot be shown to the world?

a couple of posts later

Yes, I know what your rules are. Thanks!

So you would rather wait until this company rips off as many webmasters as they can? And then get banned by Google, and only then will you "post" the company name?

Followed by a bitch slap

You are welcome not to like our rules here, Doug. I didn't like your rules of outing spammers, which is one reason I left your forum.

Feel free to post only in forums where you agree with the rules, that's pretty much what I do.

Eeeeeeow! I didnt know she had it in her! :-)

Get on over their and have a peek, it's killer funny on a dreary wednesday afternoon...

hat tip to jill...



If you ever get really bored, Nick, head over to IHY and look up some of their really old threads about spammers and cloaking (like from 2 or 3 years ago). Doug and I used to get into it all the time. He still knows how to get my blood boiling...I'll give him that! :)

get on over there?

Why would I go over to a thread knowing DOUG was involved?

Nick, you do have a way with

Nick, you do have a way with thread titles and color commentary. I'm still laughing. :)

>White Hat Death Match

>White Hat Death Match...

red hat SEO?

I must admit to being....

Very impressed with Jill's handling of that thread.

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