Google News Bombs Again: Bush Arrested for War Crimes

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Google News: Bush Arrested
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G blogoscoped have some screenshots of a new Google News Bomb featuring Pres. Bush arrested for war crimes...

This broadcast was bought to you by Algorithmic News! - It's not our fault!



Just beautiful! Of course, it's not Google's fault, no, not at all ;)

I hope we get much more of this in the future: it will force G to admit that it's nothing to do with algos and all to do with hand-picked feeds. Google News is hugely lacking in credibility because of stuff like this.

Could that be clever marketing & no accident?

Think about it / how many influencers will read, comment on, and ponder this accident - then go off & try to figure out how they can re-create this event?

The first incident - was probably a Google News Bomb. This one, I wonder...did they just launch (what appears so far to be) a very successful viral / blog marketing ploy?

After all, with any of their pages so widely's very hard to believe they dont' have a person sitting there watching the preview of what's going to be pushed live by their "algorithm".

I was just reading a blog I found yesterday on how media / news / journalism needs personality and not robotic monotony...Jon Stewart is hugely popular in the US, and he's not the traditional anchor man.

Perhaps somebody at Google was listening, and decided to test the pluse of the blogosphere by firing one off?

This ties in with the other threadwatch node about usign clicks to determine what to publish...and how the stories end up like pop culture, catering to the lowest common denominator. Well, if you want to grow a massive business, you have to find a way to appeal to joe six pack.

Impressive - I think this was clever, and not an accident, putting that story there.

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