How Much Money in Search?

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How Much Money in Search?
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"We caught up with Bill Gross earlier this month to see how his interesting new search engine is coming along. Gross unveiled Snap at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco in early October ....

- They've served 2.6 million searches since they first launched.
- They made $55.88 yesterday.
- They have 1,235 advertisers.
- And they had 624 clicks on ads yesterday that generated revenue."

That's not a typo, yes that really is $55.88.


Haha, actually a good read.

Haha, actually an good read. I remember Snap back in the good old days. Still making a killing' eh? :)

I'm quite sure rcj does too. I think I once witnessed an anecdote on SEO and Snap from him - 4 in the morning in some hotel lobby ;)

Old NBCi Snap had the benefit

Old NBCi Snap had the benefit of a few million dollars of TV advertising, looks like Gross could use some of that type of exposure now.

Trouble with snap it's too da

Trouble with snap it's too damn slow and it tries to do everything and the system is so strange it's confusing average joe searcher.

I can do 6 google searches in the same time it takes to do one in snap


How can that possibly be?

Jesus, i could get more revenue generating clicks than that HERE!

What the hell are they doing wrong?

They're confusing joe six pack - imho

It's about Joe Six Pack in search, it's NOT about the "uber elite power users that live & breat RSS feeds".

Forgetting about who the bulk of search users are, is a mistake that will kill the growth rate of any search engine, imho.

As much as I "understand stuff" if the interface isn't easy for me to use - no f$$king way am I going to waste a half hour trying to understand the geeky vision of the site - I'm gone, and I'll feel biter about wasting those few precious minutes on some arse wipe that forgot about how user interfaces need to be usable.

Surely, the number of searches they get is from uber geeks & curiousity seekers...they can't be retaining any of the folks that have tried the thing.

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