Alpha Release of RSS Feeds for Google Video


RSS feeds of Google Video search queries, as well as popular videos, are now available. From the Google announcement:

To access a feed of popular videos, go to

To access a feed of any search results page, go to

In both cases, the "num" parameter can take any value from 1 to 100.

In the case of search, the "q" parameter is the search query, and so
can be anything you might see in a Google Video search URL.
Furthermore, any other parameters that are accepted by Google Video
search (e.g. for sort order) can be used here.

Interestingly enough the announcement was made on a Yahoo RSS media group.



[missing expletive!] a messy feed. That

[missing expletive!] a messy feed. That description field.. almost impossible to get the actual description out of it if you just want to show that and a link, and not embed their player. And tonnes of markup in it too. That's not exactly what I call a well-structured feed.


First of all its Alpha. Secondly, it's rather easy to parse from what I saw. And most importantly - why couldn't you have said that without the expletive? I mean seriously - you don't think kids research this stuff?

*shakes head*

Hey, leave claus alone,

Hey, leave claus alone, swearing is traditional here. Plus, he posts some great shit.


(deleted a long text using the word Fuck 20 times - thought it was fun writing it but don't want to feed the trolls)

Anyway, kindergarten kids still swear far better and far more than us old farts.

often using a keyword

often using a keyword something like a fuck, shit, bastards, idiots, or assholes is the difference between a good or bad post / comment.


I tend to disagree. The wording or spelling does not generally influence my perception of a good or bad post. Especially as I read a lot of writings by people who does not have English as their primary language. What the poster says is more important than how s/he chooses to say it. Unless I simply don't understand what the poster means, but then you can always ask for an explanation.

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