Has the Sandbox been Cracked?

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Google Sandbox: solved?
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Brian over at Platinax thinks he may have solved the riddle to sandboxing - Im not convinced, but then to be fair, neither is he :)

It's a long, detailed post that essentially boils down to this: High PR links from a wide range of IP addresses will avoid sandbox.

Ultimately, the issue becomes one of considered linking, and attempting to get links on pages according to PageRank value, rather than sheer numbers - or even topic - first.

This, of course, is precisely what Google wishes to frustrate - so until we can reliably gauge PageRank values of specified pages, then it's going to have to be for webmasters to gauge the value of pages for linking purposes based on a combined judgement of old PageRank data - along with some common sense and creative thinking.

Is the Google Sandbox solved by this hypothesis? I'm not convined it would be wise to claim so - but I do suggest the idea to the wider SEO community as some way to explaining what is actually going on, in a way that makes sense to all SEOs when we use the term "Google Sandbox" and "sandboxing".

As im not a techie seo i'll rely on the good boys and girls at Threadwatch to voice their opinions on this one, go have a read then please tell me what you think?


Sorry to blow own horn but..

I've known that for ages, it's just getting the high PR links are the problem.

Solved ? I don't think so.....

... but it won't be the first time I've been wrong!

You see you can't get away from the fact that it can't do you any harm at all to get high PR links from the widest possible range of IP addresses. You can go back in SEO history and I can't remember a time where a link from a popular site has ever done you damage (other than the slashdot effect of course!)

I first spoke about this kind of linking post Florida in a post at the WMW suporters forum though the full posts can be seen at

http://www. logicdiary .com/2004/03/hilltop-in-plain-english.html
and probably more importantly
http://www. logicdiary .com/2004/03/website-families-and-their-death-in.html

(links intentionally broken so I don't get any benefit from them)

I feel that the genetic relationships of the links, content and other areas defines the theory put forward by Brian but doesn't specifically touch the Sandbox aspect. What I think potentially does touch it though as that it is more likely that a high PR site is perceived as an authoritive hub (in Hilltop speak) and because of that can reduce the lag from potentially months to minutes!

P.S. I want to reitirate my 1st sentence above. This won't be the 1st time I've been wrong, so please take my viewpoints with a large grain of salt if you don't agree with them :D

Good stuff...

Thanks Jason and Xcandyman...

welcome to Threadwatch guys (or out of lurk mode for you jason :-) please introduce yourselves it's nice to say hi in that thread :)

On the subject of sandbox, being an old cynic, and as i said, not a techie seo, im afraid i treat everything i see on it with a large pinch of salt unless they provide proof.

And they never do...

With all those pinches of sal

With all those pinches of salt I bet we got a big pile of salt by now, I've been doing a lot of research into the sandbox this past 4 months and how I *think* it works. 9/10 times i've found new sites with high pr links skip or barely gets sand between it's toes compared to those without.

For most sites they are buried in the sand with a rising tide ready to wash them away.

i can authoritatively say tha

i can authoritatively say that high pr links are not the key.

That would

Corroborate what I know of sandbox (what i have personally witnessed) - i have not checked the "high pr" theory but what you say jake would fit with what I see of those very new sites that *do* break sandbox...

what do you see of them, eh?

> but what you say jake would fit with what I see of those very new sites that *do* break sandbox...

I see dead people...



You guys must have done whois's on sites in competative cats that suddenly show up ranking well and high right?

Agree with Jake

High Pr is not key... so far i know 3 ways to release sandbox but these are for spam only... still looking for client solutions


Breaking it's not really the problem, anyone can do that but as you say Dave - finding a solution suitable for non-throwaways is the key here...

And more to the point, it's about why certain methods work, not the simple fact that they work at all.


Just put up a post on this subject aswell: see it here

PageRank: the resurrection?

Certainly I'm trying not to claim that the sandbox has been actually been cracked - as much as wondering whether the PageRank of pages with the links on is actually a major engine behind it all.

Obviously it's contentious - but I figured it was a discussion topic worth sticking my neck out to discuss.

Recent threads have had myself wondering just how much PageRank may be actually be involved in various SEO concerns - especially when for the past year or so there's been the general stance that PageRank is dead

My initial suspicion is that PageRank - or whatever derivative form may exist - may well have a resurrected role behind a veil of other factors. The difficulty is that there seem to be so many variables involved, that pinning down the role and extent of any single individual factor seems very difficult.

The WMW thread will be interesting, but there are perhaps too many uncontrolled variables involved. Will be interesting to observe, though.

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