People's Cube Banned - No Evil My Left Nut


According to People's Cube the Google thought police have banned them worldwide from all Google search.

At some point, quite recently, our popular site "The People's Cube" ( was purged from Google search results. MSN , Yahoo and other search engines still have it - but Google has erased/blocked any link to the site in its database.

Sorry People's Cube, we will not index you on a boat, we will not index you with a goat, we will not index you here or there, we will not index you anywhere!

And they had a message for Sergei:

If you can, we'd appreciate if you pass the following word to our former compatriot Sergei Brin: "Seriozhka, konchai duraka valat' - bylo vremia kogda my toboi gordilis'!" (Sergie, stop making a fool out of yourself, we used to be proud of you!)

I'm sure there has to be more to the story but in the recent light of the China censorship flap this just smacks of the beginning of the red fist tightening around our comrades in Mountain View.


C'mon really

Google decides not to index a website, and suddenly they are thought police? I think they can pick and choose what they want to index for whatever reasons they's their site, their choice. I'm sure you don't link to every jerk who sends a link request to your site...why should we persecute Google for doing the same?

This is analogous to the "Walmart censors music by failing to stock it in their stores" stories that were around a few years ago. Walmart has every right to pick and choose the products they sell. I'm sure they don't sell most of the cds I love there, but thats their choice. And I can choose to spend my money elsewhere.

Peoples Cube

Well I never heard of the peoples cube before, bet they get a lot of traffic out of this. Maybe a new SEO tactic, get banned from google and get tons of publicity.


Shows that they are under penalty, banned. But I can't see why they would be banned. Hmm.

SCAM!!! Stupidity in Action!

Look at these two results:


Not banned (355 results):

Not banned (880 results):

Banned search term: ""
Good search terms: "" and ""

This is merely a duplicate content, canonical URL problem.
Nothing to see here, move along.

Maybe BigDaddy Effect

Sure didn't see that when I looked the first time, but notice all of the results say "Supplemental Results", interesting.

If it's just a "This is merely a duplicate content, canonical URL problem" then this update has some major ass bugs in it.

OK, change the title to "No Bugs My Left Nut"

Note to self: don't pass on links from your conspiracy minded friends without deeper investigation and a mind clear of a post-tequila haze.

are there any posters who actually get it?

For those who missed the previous 8,878,546 examples on TW and continue to think that threads like this one are about censorship or music preferences or even right/left/centrist political influences exerted upon the Google SERPs: they are not.

They are about HYPOCRACY : S: (n) (insincerity by virtue of pretending to have qualities or beliefs that you do not really have)

It seems incrediBill's left testicle twinges when powerful corporations say one thing to portray benevolence (i.e. "do no evil") and then act differently, such that they appear to be deceptive, misleading, and untrustworthy. It reveals earned "good fortune" to be the greedy profiteering that it often is. There are plenty of examples of Aaron (seobook) acknowledging what he considers distasteful scammy behavior among his peers and public companies without calling foul. In this case, incrediBill clearly referenced his left testicular sensations as well as the hypocrisy in his post title: "People's Cube Banned - No Evil My Left Nut"

I won't speak for incrediBill, whose personal blog reflects a potentially sub-optimal open mindedness in my opinion, but I believe in the limited-capacity-for-benevolence theory of human nature. There is a limited capacity for humans to care about others, partly because it goes against the primary instincts of survival of the fittest. Therefore every ounce of false benevolence (such as might be thrust upon the world by a mega corporation with a self-promoted "do no evil" public image), satiates a fraction of that limited total capacity for good without actually adding any true benevolent value to the world. Common people do less good themselves when they believe someone else more capable of good is already doing something (even though in fact, according to Bill's love nut, they may not be). To abuse that trust (no matter how misplaced it might be) is abusive and manipulative by definition.

(they also have a tad too many references to child pornography in the comments on that site for my SEO comfort)


>> potentially sub-optimal open mindedness

John, you would be surprised how open minded I can be but it's more fun to pick a position and dig your heels in until proven wrong, or sometimes just for fun and shock value, than most folks that walk around boringly having no opinion about anything whatsoever. Hell, at one point I used to rant about raw fish and sushi "...because if god had wanted fish to be eaten raw he wouldn't have given us boiling oil...", yet now I eat sushi all the time.

But I must say this much, with all the Google China noise going on, when my buddy sent me the link it sure caught my attention and I rarely get caught up in the hype. However, this time we really have no clue of far reaching implications of what evil lurks in the fall-out of this latest chapter of search engine history and for a brief second I was caught off guard with this one.

Good catch hopeseekr.

Corporate hypocrisy is

Corporate hypocrisy is pointed out so often I really don't care about it. I expect it its naive not too, its simply human.

Its the impact of it that I care about and in this case I see neither impact nor hypocrisy. Some site got "banned" which, as always, usually ends up being they did something stupid and got dropped. The impact ? well I dunno. but I am sure there are other sites out there that can fill the "information" void left by this site.


John, you would be surprised how open minded I can be but it's more fun to pick a position and dig your heels in until proven wrong, or sometimes just for fun and shock value, than most folks that walk around boringly having no opinion about anything whatsoever.

Spot on Bill

yeah bill

John, you would be surprised how open minded I can be but it's more fun to pick a position and dig your heels in until proven wrong, or sometimes just for fun and shock value, than most folks that walk around boringly having no opinion about anything whatsoever.

That's what I take from his blog.

Do no what?

I am more than a little suprised that the seo community (with its connections to marketing) are so suprised to see that Google cannot follow up on it's (nonsense) claim to "not be evil". I'm supposed to be surprised that some dumb PR campaign is dishonest? "Google is just out to make money?? (gasp) Next you'll be telling me that Mc Donalds doesnt care if I have it my way."

So now every time Google does something that puts money in their pocket I'm supposed to be outraged? Ridiculous. Google is going to do what's good for their business..."good" or "evil" (whatever they are) are irrelevant.

Not for everybody

Actually, many of us are quite able to carry on our businesses with ethics and morality not being outweighed by money. The mantra 'money trumps ethics' is touted either by the ignorant who don't know how to run a business that has ethics as part of it's core, or by the unethical.

The fact is, I won't actually screw someone over or do something wrong just for a dollar. Neither will many folks in this community.

Google's just a company, and for all appearances as good a company as many of us could hope to own. But when you lead with 'Do No Evil', you're going to get called on the carpet. And I think they're now big enough and in enough of a spotlight that they're having to making decisions that are more along the lines of the greatest good for the greatest number. If they hadn't wanted that to be their public focus they could have as easily picked 'the greatest good for the greatest number' instead of what they did.


You guys do realize that this is more than likely an issue with redirects, cannonical URLs and duplicate content? Will there be a new post everytime a political site loses rankings in Google now? Didn't we just have one a few weeks ago?

Well said Wheel...

I don't disagree with you, and I don't put money ahead of ethics either. (though I think good and evil are subjective.. Ever think about the guy you knocked out of that top 10 position on Google so your client would rank? To him you are evil.)

But from where I'm sitting, in America ethics definitely seem to take a back seat to profits when it comes to multi-billion dollar profits. And all those same companies are trying to convince me that they care about me. So forgive me if I'm just not surprised.

As usual

Flying off the handle with conspiracy rants accomplishes nothing. Some site paints itself pink and then idiotically spams and gets penalized. Google did nothing wrong so put away the pitchforks.

offending page

The offending code has been removed however you can see the cached version on yahoo


People's Cube,

Matt Cutts torched your ass man! He torched your ass!

I really doubt that Google

I really doubt that Google will do much censorship here on this side of the world, but insofar as they did bend over backwards for China, people who suspect censorship are now more justified in doing so.

And, if you think about it, banning a website for keyword stuffing/hidden text is a form of censorship, even if it is justified.


That page on Matt's site is priceless, glad I put my drink down first. At a minimum I haven't laughed this hard in a week, even with egg on my face for not doing enough research first.

In my own defense at least I was smart enough to post it under "Rumours & Scandal" and not trot it out as fact.

This is a good example

... of "two heads are better than one" ... of the value of a community.

Together we can figure out a lot of things that would get past any one of us one our own.

>> People's Cube Hilarious

>> People's Cube

Hilarious stuff. I'm not affiliated but I wish that site was mine. Of course then that text wouldn't be hidden. Doesn't even look like relevant text so I'd probably not even display it, but nevermind.

I love that site, and I'm a sucker for their t-shirts. Wonderfully politically incorrect. And a really genuinely original way of monetizing a site as well. Plus it can't help getting lots and lots of word-of-mouth marketing. Not mentioning physical IRL marketing due to t-shirts and stuff. It could probably do entirely without SE traffic, or could at least be brougt to that stage.

Imagine building a whole site over selling a defunct version of a Rubik cube. Amazing stuff. It takes some imagination to come up with a concept like that.

Worked for WebmasterWorld

>> Get banned from google and get tons of publicity

Maybe Brett's doing their marketing now? ;)

Technically Brett banned Google but the net result was the same.

Found the perpetrator!!1

Well, I attempted to call every one afflicted by this to -- you know -- warn them that their pages all faced deletion becasue of the exact same stunt pulled on, and all were nice and courteous except this one woman who said "The guy who designed my website is my friend!" and then ::click:: hung up on my face.

Since all of them have been warned, you might find this query interesting:

yes, 1000 pages from this "friend"...all suffering. Makes me sick!


Truly outstanding work people. Certainly made my SEO news day. Kudo's to Matt for the prompt disclosure and excellent visuals!

Don't fret, Bill, despite some comments that "anti-Googlers" were crying foul, you kept it in rumors and elicited a nice example from Matt Cutts for everyone's benefit. Someday they will get it... maybe Matt's productivity losses will help demonstrate the value of increased transparency at Google ;-)

Curious George episode

The whole thing has probably been cooking in the viral marketing lab for months.

It works out a bit too neat.

Coverup Complete

The guy thoroughly cleaned up all his mess and now his clients are calling me and accusing me of being a liar, lol!!!

Google can have its "evil"

Google can have its "evil" moments... though not necesaarily consciously evil.... the alogorithm just spits something out... I have been dropped from Google - my blog - because I had too many links to seobook and a couple of othert advertisers - literally three little display ads repeat on each post got to be too much for Google...

One Ringy Dingy, Two Ringy Dingy

>> now his clients are calling me and accusing me of being a liar

I can't believe you called them in the first place!

Nothing like a fast moving SEO vulture to swoop in on Google carrion to make this story complete.

God I love it!

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