How I made a million in 3 months from adsense


So people know about this:

Markus has allowed me to tell people about this: is the url

also mentioned at



not bad considering a few

not bad considering a few years ago he said "I make about $40/day off 1200 visitors."

how to fuck an industry

Care to buy now:

Value $150 million in 2003

Have fun long and thanks for all the fish


I dunno I have such a hard

I dunno I have such a hard time with people who share that kind of info in public. I always have to go back and question the motive. I just don't get why someone would discuss the amount they make in public. Anyways all the best to him.

its all about the press

If he has brains and I think he does:)

He posted a little thread on wmw knowing sooner or later the site would be outed into the forums, then it will be picked up by the main stream press...he will then get more and more traffic, more and more revenue....then sell it or watch the cash roll in.

As he says in the wmw article now he dont care about search engine traffic...

Look at the traffic since he put up the thread:

Simple but brilliant if by design.


Wangling his dick in front

Wangling his dick in front of all the newbie wmw paupers. I think it is funny.


You tend to read about people saying how repeat visitors get blind to ads, yet his site is community and repeat traffic. Gotta think this is an exception in that niche?

Maybe he is prepping to sell the site

I would feel very nervous having all my eggs in one Adsense basket. Not to mention the vicious competition > Cashing out would be my plan.

Nice breakdown Doug Its

Nice breakdown Doug

Its interesting that you pointed it out when you did as I just finished reading the thread 2 secs before.

not bad considering a few

not bad considering a few years ago he said "I make about $40/day off 1200 visitors."

You know what I hate about old webmasterworld threads ?
When I read them they actually look like a community I'd like to belong to. Useful, brief, and friendly.. wtf happened over there ?


I tend to agree with pretty much everything webprofessor says.

Pretty cool, I will just stop commenting.


who wants to create a dating site?

If I had more time I would love to create an online dating site...if for nothing else because I am a bit socially inept and maybe it would teach me a bit about people.

A friend of mine who is a killer marketer had a landing page where he got so many leads that he had to field many dates out to his friends. My social ineptness really makes me wish I would have known him back then :)

At SXSW they had a panel about making money by selling attributes gained in virtual worlds. I wonder if one day people will also sell date leads (potentially very slimy and potentially very profitable at the same time)?

Some people push ideas to where the media giving them free press is the only way their thing become big, and only because the press hypes them do they have any success (I kinda put Weblogs, Inc. in that group). I respect the marketing AFTER you already made it pretty well (like PlentyofFish). As an SEO though I am mind boggled at his traffic levels with a PageRank of 5. Makes me feel guilty for not being more flow oriented with some of my sites and ideas.

Alexa Givin' it Up

If you weren't sure how you felt about Alexa giving up you network look at the alexa page for PlentyofFish

He took a while to get to WMW

I believe the traffic started increasing after Robert Scoble posted about it here. Nice little read about ugly design.
Still, 10K a day would be nice ;)

He must make amint of the

He must make amint of the adult friend finder signups

I believe the traffic

I believe the traffic started increasing after Robert Scoble posted about it here.

Nah. Even if the Alexa data is very, very suspect, the trends usually seem to hold. If you look at the dates, Scoble's post was about two weeks ago. And somehow, no matter how widely Scoble might be read, I don't think he's going to pop somebody into the 10 mil page views per day with just one post.

The "ugly design" is kind of interesting. Scoble called it an "anti-marketing design." I'm going to quibble with that, think if you're going to go for a label it might be better to call it "anti-design marketing."

There are a few other points about the site that are kind of interesting. Though some folks commented in the Scoble post that function trumps design, well, in this site function is kind of hidden (though it is there if you look for it), and dang, you're going to have to click out of the site somewhere sooner or later.

It's almost brilliant. I think if folks spend a good 30 minutes or so getting into the site one can learn quite a bit about leveraging somewhat limited content into a veritable gold mine. Do it right, write your own check.

Whatever, at 10 mil page views per day, times whatever Adsense CTR can be guessed at...well hell, that could lead to some serious money.

So, what is it? Does ugly alone sell? (I've heard that somewhere before ;-) Or in the case of Adsense, is it the possibly really ugly combined with a really not quite a user friendly experience that sells (except that the user actually doesn't notice this).

It's a real fine line; I think Markus had actually hit it.

Even the thumbnail images

Even the thumbnail images are rendered to look a bit ugly (ie: blurry, width and height not proportional)

but if poor feature set is part of the profitability can someone steal the userbase by creating something more useful...even if that more useful means less profit? surely 10K a day with no paid customers to deal with is enough to interest some parties.


I often get requests via email from networks of low quality sites trying to obtain backlinks to rule the dog gift market. I also have a directory and they submit hundreds of these sites there. It's kinda funny because I can pick them out with my eye but can a search engine? If you look at these sites you find that they are fooling people BUT...networks often have the same IP's hint hint.

It's not about ugliness

It's about giving people what they want.

It's not that people want ugly, it's that it is irrelevant. Give people an experience rather than information and prettiness takes a back seat.

I have sites that are uglier than this and make a mint, they get repeat business because they give people what they want.

If I can get what I want why should I bother about the ugliness of the site.

I've learned that feature ramping can lose core users the hard way. It's hard to keep things simple as I prefer complex, deep stuff.

I constantly battle with programmers who want to overcomplexicatify things. But my users don't care about anything they don't care about.

different users for sure

I took a pretty good look at PlentyofFish and it is not a simple, do-it-yourself dating site (even if they did it themelseves, and kept the design simple :-). Whether via kismet or smarts, it hits alot of targets. Many, many best practices are executed on that site. As highlighted, the site also offered high value for free when it launched, but not only to the end user.

A significant barrier to entry for dating sites at that time was secure, role-based authentication (with payment gateway, etc). If you wanted a dating site script with aceptable membership functionality you had to pay for it and if you invested $6k in a script would you offer it for free? Take a good look at PlentyofFish and you will start to wonder how much more than a phpBB skin it really is (or might be).

Diferent markets for different products. If you were to see what's behind wearing your webmaster hat you would choke on your lunch, yet by marketing it to AOL users it was pure gold in its day.

PoF is actually quite far

PoF is actually quite far beyond a skin. There's a very illuminating (to a non-server guy like me) discussion going on at WmW on the backend Markus developed. He's not quite your everyday webmaster.

And I agree with you Lyndoman that it's really not about ugly but giving people what they want. My sites are far from pretty, but folks seem to get what they want from them. I was basically trolling when I used the "ugly" word. Just threw out a few pieces of chum to see if a lime green and orange fish took the bait ;-). One in particular could add a lot of value to this discussion.

more than skin deep

I looked at that thread... wow. But all that is really perfomance related. He's a db expert, and chooses to run millions of page views/hr off a couple of servers, with no employees, using Ai algos to detect spam etc. Operationaly important as a way to keep those millions in profits, and keep the site up under heavy usage, but I still say the site itself is close to a forum installation (in looks and functionality).

When I looked it was 8200 members online.

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