SugarRae Interviews Josh Siegel of YPN


Complete with picture of Y! coffee bar, Rae fires off a few rounds of questions for Josh.

SR:What are some of the common mistakes you see publishers making in regards to ad integration? Is there an internal listing of bad implementations, color schemes or other things that you see happening time and time again? Do you plan on providing tips and advice to publishers to help them maximize their earnings?

JS: For implementation tips, we recommend the following:

* Place ads above the fold, in non-banner format
* Create ad appearance based on ad placement
* Target the ads on your site to your audience
* Keep close track of your site performance, especially when experimenting with ads

Check out the whole interview.

If you haven't seen Rae's cool new design, what're ya waiting for?


International Publishers

sounds like it's still a long way off :(



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