All your Boxes are Belong to Us


Sendmail, the world's most popular mail server has had another security vulnerability found in it. Upgrade now or lose your machines once an exploit has been released!

The vuln was found by ISS and Sendmail has released patches and I personally suggest you apply them ASAP or wait until yuo see your own sites hijacked.

On a side issue I wonder who will be the 1st to exploit local vulns on a machine to hijack search engine referred traffic only and leave the rest of the machine in tact?


Next up: SSH

Seriously, PHP-Nuke is the most security-exploit-ridden piece of crap I've ever seen. My site's php-nuke has been hacked some 5x over the last 2 years, most recently last week.

Now, who wants to wait for the next SSH exploit after the OpenBSD guys have stopped maintaining it? whee...

I hate sendmail with a

I hate sendmail with a passion. There seems to be no clear documentation about how to upgrade it in a case like this. So it's just a case of "hey it's vulnerable, deal with it".

Someone pointed out all I need to do is:

yum install postfix

yum remove sendmail

Now I'm a happy chap! :D

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