WebmasterWorld Bans the Mention of Search Engine Strategies

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windy city december search conference [WMW Subscribers Only]
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Forgive me for posting a link to a "Supporters Only" thread, but I felt it was something worth bringing up.

When I decided to leave WebmasterWorld, I made the decision to go as quitely as possible, but this thread is making that decision a bit hard to stick to.

Sometime yesterday, long time WmW member (and conference speaker) Chicago posted a thread intitled

SES Chicago - who's going?

(Very similar to this thread: http://forums.searchenginewatch.com/showthread.php?t=2744)

At last year's Chicago SES, Chicago hosted a nice private party for WmW members. His reason for posting the thread in the Supporter's section was to try and get an idea of how many members would be in town, so he could plan another party.

Someting today, a Supporters forum Admin changed the title of the thread to read

windy city search conference (without sending a sticky to Chicago)

When I first saw it, I thought it was a new thread announcing PubCon 7.333, but it turned out to just be the SES thread with a new title. Apparently, it isn't appropriate to promote Danny's show in that way. Letting that title stand might result in some WmW members deciding to attend.

I can't even begin to explain how dissapointed I am. Taking such a stance is probably the most disrespectful, rude and childish thing I've ever seen BT do.


Now On Hold

Well, that didn't last long. The thread has been put on hold pending administrative review. I agree it's a shame, especially since it was obviously not a ploy by Chicago to lure people to a salespitch.


There are no words [2 words] to describe how I feel about this!

You all sound surprised?

Paranoia over other sites is the norm is it not with BT?

To the best of my knowledge he hasn't posted at SEW Forums despite danny being a paid member of wmw for some years.. i mean, not even to say congrats on the launch?

I'd say that war was always there MrMackin but now it has been Declared...

Justin is a nice guy, and I consider (him, Chicago) a friend

Given that he did the *exact* same thing last year, and it was an awesome party, I find it very rude & childish as well that Brett would do such a thing.

Losing mods is one thing...disrespecting your supporter's, something altogether different.

>WAR Not another one, Mist


Not another one, Mister Mackin. The last one was just too much fun and became highly addictive.

PC 6.5

PC 6.5 was the start of the confrontation with SESJune 2004.

[Note that I was only involved in PC #1 & #2]

no no no no

We asked for it to be removed... to many people were talking about the party and we want to keep it less crowded.

I think initially it was just to see who was going to be there with out mention about the party. Then the party was mentioned and many stickies were sent... so I asked for it to be shut down so it would not turn into a pubcon v7.33

For the record

The title was edited and the thread was left live because it was by a recognized reputable member of the community. It was later that the request to lock the thread was posted by werty in the mods forum (for the reason's mentioned in werty's post above). I'm the one that put it on hold at that point.


Im all for taking this thread off the homepage if it was a mistake. Why was the title changed to "windy city conference" oilman?

Not a Mistake

The fact that the title was changed isn't in dispute. It's the reason for the thread getting pulled. As Werty pointed out, it was Justin who wanted it taken down, although the comments I left in it would have certainly got it pulled even if Justin had not requested it.


I just wanted to give anyone that wanted to a chance to speak out. I just had a chat with someone in the know and as a result, the thread remains homepage/rss

Cheers WG

more for the record

Chicago is one of the most gracious guys I've met in this biz and he's been a big supporter of wmw and what it's about. About a week or two out from each SES someone starts a thread at wmw asking who's going to SES. Just because it was Chicago and he's been known to buy drinks for a few friends at the Chicago SES (Chicago, Chicago - confused yet?) there was an impression that he may have been promoting some external event. I know it was simply coincidence that Chicago starte a thread about Chicago SES. This community spans more than just one board and we like to get together and hang out. Postings like this on forums is how we coordinate. I distinctly recall thread at SEW about PubCon and who was going and who wasn't....where's the love in return?

Not allowing get together threads is cool on one level but we're talkin about SES here not some 2 bit aff manager being sneaky to promote his program.

I'm Glad You Cleared That Up

Because I just finished reading the newly restored windy city thread, and I am almost certain that item #3 was calling Justin a forum spammer.

oldtimers remember

Long ago there was little forum that was started because someone at SEF was rude enough to delete a sig of a prominent member.

You've made my day!

This thread is QUITE entertaining :)

Moderation and the bell shaped curve

To me the major point behind this thread at TW is about moderating forums, and the reasons that drive the way forums work, the reasons why people participate and the reasons why forum owners run the things.

I guess like as in politics, people start with the most altruistic reasons for running a forum (hey, like take TW Nick) eventually both power (or at least the "in" peoples perception of power) and money tend to corrupt.

As an observer, rather than an active politician, in these things, I am indeed looking for the signal without the noise. I make my income from the web, I have no wish to be a moderator, a meta editor, or have any other fancy title.

I want the signal, I want to find those little nuggets that enable be to add significantly to my income, and I am prepared to pay for it. A well moderated board does cut the noise. But if the moderation becomes too draconian, then nothing of interest gets discussed, its all bland and mundane. And if moderation becomes based on self interest that compounds the problem.

Whilst I would accept the "maximising the profit" on a forum is the name of the game, you do reach a point when the goose that lays the golden egg is killed, the prince turns into a frog, the bottom drops out of the market, or whatever mixed metaphor you want to use.

Back down the Bell Shaped Curve for that forum

Similar thing happend to my post

A week before WW world conference I posted a thread called "50% Discount Passes to Chicago SES" and provided a link to the discount passes we are offering. The post never made it. It got locked in the Administrative review and was never posted. I was pretty upset, but what could I have done.

admin review

Hi submitexpress, welcome to Threadwatch, do introduce yourself

Actually, that would break their specific TOS on self promo - as a matter of fact, it would break Threadwatch guidelines also. Running a board/blog for web promoters does open you up to a whole heap of self promo posts that whilst some may be very relevant, helpful and informative, the majority would be simply dross.

If that dross drowned out the signal by creating too much noise it would damage the value of any resource. I cant blame them for that at all :)

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