Pure Pants - the First Annual Threadwatch SEO Award


It being Friday and all I thought we should run a survey to give out an award. Who are the most annoying SEO forum personalities?

Vote for your top 5 today [sorry it is closed...counting the votes.]

And the nomenies are (in no particular order):

  • awall19 - I am an annoying bastard
  • Search Engines Web - I deserve comment links!!!!!!! or, as Matt Cutts would say "S.E.W., just to give you a heads-up, I’m moderating out your comments. Several people at SES NYC complained specifically about you. Someone even compared you to a hidden Markov model that randomly generated text."
  • DaveN - could he be any louder or more British
  • Jill Whalen - have had some fun run ins w her ;)
  • JasonD - proves the DaveN questions could be yes
  • John Scott - unfortunately he has gotten soft of late. used to be a bit more offensive though.
  • Michael Martinez - prooooove it. that is all smokescreen.
  • All the ads at SEO Chat - they really couldn't have fit any more on the page.
  • BoboTheCat - again, I hear gossip both ways.
  • Ronsard - search for him on Threadwatch
  • Catt Mutts - I had to screw up his name so he wouldn't win.
  • Marcia - I like her... but I hear gossip both ways
  • Phil C - has also gotten soft of late. What is with this kinder gentler b/s?
  • Daniel Brandt - that foil is wiretapped! and it has embedded big brother search
  • Anthony Cea - need more foil! and a date with Shakira
  • Doug "I know you are white, but what am I" (Shoe)Heal
  • Google Guy - quality conten quality content quality content!

You get to rate your top 5. The further to the left you rate them the more pure pants they are.

The 5 ratings are:

  1. takes the biscuit for pure pants
  2. wanker of the highest order
  3. wonky minger
  4. drops dodgy clangers
  5. bugger off gormless twit

The winner will be awarded a free copy of I Hate You, Don't Leave Me: Understanding the Borderline Personality and, obviously, a fresh pair of pants.


Search Engines Web, without

Search Engines Web, without any question.


GetS MY V0tE t00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DaveN? British?

Bollocks to that, he's a Yorkie.

survey link

GetS MY V0tE t00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so far I was the only person who voted for him

survey link here

please use it and spread it around a bit.

the Survey ends tomorrowish. Winner to be announced Monday.

I ain't got no top five...

I ain't got no top five... you can't vote just for one?


not all of mine are not on your list

well PM me with

well PM me with others...survey is still like brand new...can add a name

not sure on the single vote Claus...give it a try and see if it accepts it.


gimpy thats a photo of the small server room :)

doah...I was unable to add

doah...I was unable to add more names ... but agree with the anonymously sent choices... maybe another year of growth and nourishment will guarantee they win next year. ;)

oh no

after the last discussion about Micks list I'm too scared to say anthing to him. Although I reckon I'll be safe for about another three years if he works sequentially ;)

Thank You...

Thank you, thank you. I was woken up by my television coming on (it works as an alarm) and it was stationed on Bloomberg Telivision and the first thing I hear is "Self-serving search marketing report", in reference to Google/WebSideStory recent statement about what precentage of the search market share Google has. And I thought, "Why are people always trashing the search industry?"

Then I open my feed reader and see this. Thank you for the laugh - I'd rather hear us thrashing us (in good fun) - at least it will be funny.

my top beefs

1: those stupid waving smiley tosser icons in high rankings forum on welcome me to the forum posts (that alone stops me going on that forum)

2: the ads on SEOCHAT (used to be a top place)

3: the lack of any experts now on SEOCHAT (used to be a top place)

4: The "PIPs" owners on the Warrior Forum who think they have found the perfect "get rich quick system" but have actually been fleeced of their money

5: the fact there isn't really one forum you can get expert advice on seo any longer...

Where do you find these

Where do you find these books, Aaron?

Need translation

WTF is "takes the biscuit for pure pants"?

Is 5 good or bad?

How about...

Can I vote for Orion for making posts I know are brilliant but that I can't make heads or tails of?

Sarcastic Matt says: which

Sarcastic Matt says: which is worse? Pure pants or gormless twit? What's a wonky minger? I have someone I really want to vote for..

Cynical Cornwall Says..

Pure pants or gormless twit?

Surely the Google algo can tell you, Matt.


Matt doesn't know what a twit is?

He must be gormless :-)

this could get ugly

i really can't pick or name nicks because the roar from the crowd would immediately confirm that this person is THE one and i might end up getting shot at the next meet-up.

It's gotta be Aaron...

For constantly pretending to be European by saying things like "Pure Pants," "wanker," "rubbish" and "bullocks."

He's American last I checked! (Where are you from anyway, Aaron?)

That said, VOTE FOR ME! You know what they say about negative publicity!

Damn what a mess. Two years

Damn what a mess. Two years ago I would have won this hands down. Do I need to start picking on handicapped folks?

LOL @ Catt Mutts

Pants down it's......

hehehe the further left you


the further left you vote the more pure pants someone's posts are....also since we are calling this pure pants, that is the clearly the top rating for maximum idiocy, etc.

where do I come up w book titles? am told it is good to read far and wide.

I think...
takes the biscuit rougly means "wins trophy etc"
pants roughly means "underwear, or combined with pure can also mean crap"

>Two years ago I would have won this hands down.

Old age happens. I have been warning you.


Jill, looking at the early results, you may be out of the running.

fair point, well made

fair point, well made seomike.

>I have someone I really want to vote for..

Not fair, I think Bretts had enough bad publicity lately.

Not fair, I think Bretts had

Not fair, I think Bretts had enough bad publicity lately.

I snorted water out of my nose when I read that one...


Jill, looking at the early results, you may be out of the running.

Ooops...I knew i should have voted for myself and not the rest of you wankers...

Yep, I think part of the

Yep, I think part of the problem is that we Americans don't understand all of the UK slang. (Almost said "British" there, but an earlier thread at HighRankings about the move by SEMPO into the UK and surrounding areas convinced me that (a) one had to be careful about how one referenced the UK and surrounding areas, and (b) unfortunately I couldn't understand it, so ...)

Anyway. Kind of a joke, but the slange, well ...


(edited for Jill, sorry if you didn't get the joke)

I just closed the

I just closed the survey...the results will be announced Mañana.

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