Doug Heil vs Linkworth: Grab Your Popcorn Spammers! Part2


Linkworth is apparently threatening legal action against the crew at IHY for calling the company email spammers. The thread in question is here. Linkworth sends the legal threat in the middle of page 2:

Well I appreciate the kind words you guys have for our company. There is one thing called "freedom of speech" and there is another thing called "libel and slander". If you have a problem with our company, either kindly ask us to not email you anymore, or take it up with the proper authorities. Labeling our trademarked name with an improper term like "spammer", can be brought up in the court of law, and we will be more than happy to defend our company and our name.

I will kindly ask that you remove all libel comments regarding our company name and it's representatives. There will be no more requests or comments, only legal action. We have put a lot of money into our company and if you don't like it fine. We do like our company and we will spend whatever money necessary to preserve it's name and reputation.

I will allow you 24 hours to remove our company name and representatives name from your site before moving forward. The current time is 2:45pm CST. I will check back at 3pm CST tomorrow. I hope you believe my threats because I am 100% serious.

Doug closed the thread, saying that it ran its course, but Linkworth blasted Doug on their blog, offering him some choice anchor text and sound bytes:

It seems this guy’s sole purpose in life is to flame other individuals and other companies. “Why?” We have no idea, other than possible jealousy, greed, attention or maybe he really thinks he is an expert. It is obvious, however, he is an expert blackhat seo, an expert spammer and an expert flamer.

So Doug opened the thread back up. On page 7 now. The long and short are technically defining email spam, cross referencing user names and IP addresses, a rant in every post, and a few other goodies if you are looking for a laugh.


Thread Continued

Thread Continued from here

The thread has got so long that it is causing problems for readers.

Connie, (mod at IHY) was obviously having problems posting

Funny sport mud wrestling. Participants feel free to continue wrestling here.

Not again...

Aw, come on! You guys/gals didn't get enough of me after 118 posts in the previous rendition of this topic? Okay, I'm ready... ;)

I was trying to give you ....

..a chance to let the thread drop in obscurity :-)


anyone WORK anymore?

yikes, this is the online equivalent of watching soaps all day.

All My Clueless Children

yikes, this is the online equivalent of watching soaps all day.

lol! I think we should call the program ALL MY CLUELESS CHILDREN if you're going to allow companies to come and get raked over the coals.

I'm still reeling from yesterday's TW Program.

And Jill, all it's going to take is one sideways post from you and I'm going to have a field day. :)


How appropriate is that? Thanks for the new phrase, never heard that before. I need to get out more often eh?


But someone just told me that Dougies middle name is Connie...


Interesting Doug Spammed Read. Weird he hates it so much but does it.

And I finally understand what the Doug Heil wanker talk is about.

"What's Up Edward!" :D

I read the forum posts at you say "interesting"

Nice quote from Doug, where he seems carried away by his own sense of his own importance

I own and operate one of the largest SEO forums out there. You can find me easily.
I simply hate companies like TP and will stop them at all costs
and at every turn. I'm currently working with SE's about how to
get ALL TP domains off the internet for good.


as you say "interesting"

Yes, it is interesting, one of my long time fans, possibly an Internet stalker type. I'm hoping to run into the originator of that garbage at one of the shows sometime. I'd love to chat with him a bit. ;)

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