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Online id 'Receptional' recently advertised on a variety of blogs. Results were tracked and conclusions were drawn. No bid deal - except he's provided his results in a pretty and concise format for the community here:
Receptional's blog advertising survey.

Huge props to Receptional for providing this to everyone.


The only direct blog ads I

The only direct blog ads I ever bought that were really worth it (by directly paying their costs) were and then whatever scattered ads AdSense displays (these require a low low low bid with my business model).

I think the whole cost per influence concept works if you can get an advertorial, but if the ads are stuck off to the side the content they are not worth the premium some bloggers would like.

As your blog expands and you build it into more of a community the same people are seeing the ads over and over again, so the effective CPM for the ads should be less than random somewhat relevant traffic that finds you.

What's interesting is that

What's interesting is that they only focus on CPC and only for a very short while - what isn't covered at all is potential link popularity from SE-friendly links on key blogs.

No link pop info

Probably because that stuff's a lot less measurable than cpc information. We all know how those 'it helped my ranking' studies get pulled apart here :).

The whole study is kind of

The whole study is kind of flawed because there is so much more to be considered. Neither creative used interested me. Common sense tells advertisers that the best advertising is above the fold on very highly targeted topical websites. Receptional is about Internet marketing, so why would they be advertising on political blogs?

>> Receptional is about

>> Receptional is about Internet marketing

LOL, Dixon is about many things....

>> so why would they be advertising on political blogs?

Well, political SEO is going to be BIG fairly soon. We saw the very tip of the iceberg in the last US Presidential elections, and I think either the next US presidential election, or the next UK General Election will be fought at least partially online

Note for merkins and other aliens : Although we are REQUIRED to have a General Election by May 2010, recent developments here mean that it is increasingly likely that we will see Gordon Brown take over the Labour Party sooner rather than later, and call an early GE to assert his authority and mandate

LOL, Dixon is about many

LOL, Dixon is about many things....

Sorry about the confusion, the "Receptional - Internet Marketing Consultants" in the header of the site threw me off.

Well, political SEO is going to be BIG fairly soon.

I would (and do) focus my advertising on Internet marketing related sites. Pretty much every business engages in advertising, but when they go looking for options they probably end up on Internet marketing related websites, and buying ads on SEW or Clickz would be more targeted, IMO.

Genre and Niche

I've had some very good luck advertising niche sites on blogs within the same genre via Adbrite. Some of those blogs get very good traffic and are inexpensive to advertise on.

Wow... We found that


We found that Google's "Page Rank" and Cost are extremely BAD indicators of the quality of a campaign. In particular, if one was to use Google's Page Rank as an indicator of quality, you would in fact have a worse return on your investment than if you had entirely run your campaign at random.

I know that is a given to all of us, but to many marketers outside the forums, this will be a shocker.

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