Threadwatch Nominated for Best Tech Blog 2004

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TW nominated as best tech blog 2004
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Come on people you know it makes sense!

click that button and make TW a winner :)


And rightly deserved too.

Well done Nick!


Yeah, i have no idea how "important" those things are or even if the guys coming in via that link (which is LOTS) will find what we do here interesting but it's ever so nice to be nominated :-)

Fancy being put in the same cat as gizmodo eh? hehe....

Thanks to whoever nominated us, i have my suspicions but certainly dont know, so thankyou Agent X!

shall we spam their system to ensure we win?

Damn Gizmodo & Engadget are way too popular...this blog is cooler.

I wonder who suggested Threadwatch ;-)

I voted - will all the real supporter's please stand up ;)

Let's see if Threadwatch can win...though, I have a feeling if a bunch of people vote from the VPN here, that Nick will get busted for stuffing the ballot box ;)

So...since i can't get collegues to vote for the best blog since sliced bread, I'll ask the (community?) or semi nomadic wondering hat wearing SEO folk to do the necessary.

Vote Early, Vote Often!!!

Vote Early, Vote Often!!!

from the rules:

>You may vote once every 24 hours in each poll.

Put my daily vote in man. On

Put my daily vote in man. Only 4.4k votes right if you get about 500 or so daily you should be in the running.


You can vote each day in each browser. Time to dust off IE :D

(Today I have decided to favour democracy and make my vote count, exercising two copies of Opera, three copies of IE, and one copy of Firefox. Hurray for elections.)

say hello to my little fwend....

I have a pacino grade bot here somewhere, with a couple of hours work it could hit that thing several thousand times with different IP's each go i reckon :-)

it may be

your civic duty.

it may be your civic duty.

agreed...I feel like we are behind the best site but the poles make it wrongfully feel like we are supporting a third party canidate.

go bot go...

goes off to mention nomination in a "few" forums...


Did you nominate us seobook? i had it down to be jeremy Z, he's been more than a little kind with links to TW...

Realisticly, going up against gizmodo and engadget is silly, im just pleased we all got a little recognition for the cool talk that's goin on here. seriously.

Now, had they had a "internet marketing" section i would have expected to win...

I was rather disappointed...

with the category selections myself too. I wished there was an internet marketing or webmaster category, but tech looks as though it was the closest fit :(

I think the problem of course is that blogs are supposed to be "cool" and marketing is supposed to be "uncool." I still think ThreadWatch has a chance. I am about to start running adwords

we have a week to come up with a solid strategy and go after it the last few days :)

Vote early, vote often

Having had a look at today's state of play - either.. are getting the vote out,Nick

...or, you are getting a nudge!

Are you sure?

I just put in my second, and the % is dropping. So far for voting to make a difference? LOL

But maybe if lots of people joined in. Make the vote page your home page, so you won't forget. It only takes two clicks every 24 hours...

Voted :) Congrats on getti

Voted :)

Congrats on getting nominated

TW had

6.5% of votes yesterday, today it has but 5% and 'they' seem to have improved their vote tracking :|

Foiled. Still, third place so far :)


...they've put up a "bot-killer" code picture now. What have you been up to Nick ;-) ?


Not me mate :) I was only kidding heh...

i know who it was :)


I bet ....( joke )

Its a sad day

when the integrity of the vote is called into question.

Sad because I have been thwarted, like so many Dastardly & Muttley plans.

Nick, you have competition for 3rd spot

Their robots are working better than your robots, from the Site Admin at

i think the best cheater will take this prize. just joking.

all you have to do is to install an autovoting system that clicks the choice once every second and delete the browser cache. i guess someone already started doing that because recently they have installed a human filter, a so called captcha. it's a little image with characters and numbers that is hard to guess for a robot. however according to wikipedia most of these human filters can be relatively easily broken, so that a tweaked optical character recognition software can guess the code with a 90% precision. so basically this filter will theoretically only filter like 10% of the robots.

He would appear to have put theory into practice!

Calling Dave, come in dave...

I think DaveN said he'd broken captchas...

not that i'd advocate cheating of course... heh..

Their stupid captcha

redirects me to itself in Firefox, even when I get the code correct. Their stupid comments form also won't let me reply, in Firefox.
Way to go poindexter :/


is over now.

Based on 366,187 votes cast in all categories over 10 days in early December 2004, here are the winners of the of The 2004 Weblog Awards:
Best Tech Blog - Engadget

Second went to Gizmodo, as if there were any doubt, third to creativebits and fourth to threadwatch (yay), so unless my maths is wrong, TW got just shy of 600 votes.

Clearly creativebits had better bots than us :o)


I understand that the TW member who got a little creative and was responsible for them putting a capcha on the form left his bot running on friday and left the office for the weekend lol....

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