It's not SpyWare.. it's Spy Software

The company is selling a mobile phone spy application as "the world's first spy software built for mobile phones". According to their website:

FlexiSPY is a mobile phone monitoring application that secretly records all activity on a mobile phone that has FlexiSPY installed. Protect your children, catch cheating spouses, the possibilities are endless.

According to reports (here's one from Networkworld) the product has been labeled malware by F-Secure. But the company reportedly is speaking out against unfair characterization of it's product.

When FlexiSpy software is loaded onto a Symbian mobile phone, it sends all text messages that are sent and received, as well as call details, to FlexiSpy servers. Users can log on to the servers via the Internet to read the messages and view the call records. The problem, says F-Secure, is that the phone owner may not know the program has been installed and can't uninstall it. "We're convinced that this could be used for malicious and illegal purposes in so many ways that we made the decision to flag it as malware," F-Secure Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen said.

Vervata, the Bangkok, Thailand, company that created FlexiSpy, argues that the product isn't a virus, a Trojan horse or malware.

I suppose this is a valid argument. It's not spyware in a sense, it's Spy Software. let's get that straight.